Indonesia and Malaysia Truly Garrulous?

Once again Rima Fauzi asks a very pertinent question. This time it's over the Indonesia-Malaysia spat, triggered most recently by the Pendet dance. So what's responsible for the noise between the neighbors? Malaysia's thieving and disrespectful ways or Indonesia's hypersensitivity? Indonesia vs. Malaysia: Why are Indonesians easily provoked? 09.03.09 | 1 Comment As a people,... Continue Reading →

What would Christ do about undercover hacks?

This is an interesting case where praise and gratitude should prevail over anger. The story: Two Muslim reporters pass off as Christians, attend a ceremony and took communion in an effort to check out rumors that young Muslims are bing converted to Christianity. They write the article saying that the rumors aren't true. This is... Continue Reading →

A crisis-like situation confronting F&N Dairies in Malaysia?

Students of crisis and issues management as well as crisis communications should find this case interesting. This case came to Unspun's attention when Edward Skading posted a comment in this blog that says: Dear Blogger, Hello. My name is Edward Skading and I am writing to seek your corporation and support to help me uphold... Continue Reading →

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