Umno letting loose the blogs of war?

When will they learn that technology changes nothing except that it helps you reach more people, faster, and with less expense? Umno’s problem, alas, is not one of logistics but of credibility. Unless the party members change the way they think, come off their high horse and genuinely engage their intended readers and voters, all […]

Of sleeping leaders

As we all know and the Malaysian Government keeps telling us, it’s all the fault of Mahathir. For what? Whatever. The proof? See story below. If Mahathir had acted like SBY and, in his time, chastised upcoming leaders for sleeping on the job, the Barisan nasional would still be holding on to the two-thirds-majority, Malaysia […]

What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert

The blogging community in Indonesia is mighty pissed off over a certain Government expert and presidential advisor on technology who has been maligning bloggers as hackers and up to unsavory things. Last night Minister for Information Muhammed Nuh met with bloggers and when asked what should be done about the so-called “expert” his advice was: […]

What role did bloggers play in Malaysian polls?

The Barisan Nasional has suffered its most serious setback and humiliation in 50 years at Saturday’s general election.The opposition has triumphed with unqualified success, capturing 5 key states and confining the BN win to a simple majority instead of its traditional two-thirds plus in Parliament.There is no question that bloggers played a part in the […]

Blogger Jeff Ooi set to win electoral seat?

Update 12:35am Jakarta time – Unspun’s been just told that Jeff Ooi has won Jelutong with a big majority. Just imagine the political wannabes now blogging like crazy from now on. Update: It looks like another blogger will also be making history with Jeff. Chegubard is apparently defying all the might of the Barisan Nasional’s […]

Let’s dance!

First Unspun brought you the Rasa Sayang(e) controversy, now the Indang Sungai Garinggiang Fiasco? Read on. The Antara article below was contributed by reader firdausj with the saying: “Keledai-pun nggak mau jatuh jatuh dua kali di lobang yang sama” .. Hahahahaha….. Read on: —- Malaysia Kembali “Bajak” Lagu Daerah Indonesia di Osaka Tokyo (ANTARA News) […]

Rasa this!

This (clip below) looks like another cultural time bomb for Malaysia.Perhaps the Malaysian government should just step aside, shut up and let Indonesia and and Malaysian bloggers set the relationship right. Malaysian Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan, on the off chance that you even even get debriefed on blogs, please see the posting Now to Rasa […]

Malaysian Tourism Minister on Rasa Sayang

Wading into the Rasa Sayang controversy is the Malaysian Minister that every blogger loves – to hate mostly, because of Tengku Adnan‘s infamous comment that all bloggers are liars and unemployed and that 80% of them are women.Unspun thinks that the root of the problem may lie in the different understandings of the word Malay. […]