Malaysian prince wins defamation suit against Manohara

The prince has won in a court of law in Malaysia but one wonders if this victory will carry any weight in the court of public opinion in Indonesia?   Manohara Loses Defamation Suit Brought by Malaysian Prince A Malaysian prince won a defamation suit on Thursday against his teenage wife, Manohara Odelia Pinot, who... Continue Reading →

Model Nation #21: Manohara’s exclusive interview

The Jakarta Globe has published a lengthy story based on an interview with Manohara in which she alleged that the Kelantan Prince abused her with a hot iron, a cigar and razor blades. Pretty serious allegations and reminiscent of what some Malaysians do to their domestic helpers. At the same time the Globe also carried... Continue Reading →

Model Nation #20: To sue or not to sue Manohara, prince ponders

Unspun supposes how you separate the blue bloods from the unwashed masses is through one's ability to contemplate when all hell is breaking looses. hence, threatened by Manohara and Mommy's accusations against him, photographic "proof" of torture and other allegations, the Kelantan Prince decides to contemplate suing Manohara and Mom. Live and learn ye hoi... Continue Reading →

Model Nation #19: Roy the Boy shows Mano’s “torture” photos

This keeps getting to be more like a circus each day. Roy Suryo, the telematics expert who's also an expert in just about anything involving lots of publicity for himself, has provided with photos allegedly showing the scars that Manohara Odelia Pinot obtained from her prince. clipped from Foto bergambar lebam di tangan... Continue Reading →

Model Nation #8: Mano’s Mother files another report against Kelantan Prince

And it goes on and on like a good, saucy sinetron....The mother now is filing a second report with the Indonesian police because, she says, they didn't take any action the first time around. What Unspun can't figure out is that if the Royals didn't kidnap Mano then why don't they dispel all this rumor... Continue Reading →

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