What it’s like working with a kick ass team

Unspun’s very proud of his co-workers because they kick ass every so often. The latest ass kicking lies in the publication of Maverick’s Indonesian Journalists’ Technographic Report.

It was a team effort, spearheaded by Raconteur and Mabverick’s media relation’s team and they’ve done a superb job capturing how journalists consume and use the media. More importantly they telly why it is important for anyone interested in marketing, branding and corporate reputation building or protection.

Is Unspun blowing his horn as usual? Well, not according to Slideshare where we posted the report. Here’s the message:

If you’re interested in the results of this survey, the second one in two years, then click here.

If you want to know more you can always write to maverick@maverick.co.id.

Twitter as marketing and corporate communications tool

This article in USA Today contains interesting information related to using Twitter as a marketing and corporate communications tool.Of particular interest, further down the story, is how Twitter can be used to improve customer service. The question is: are any Indonesian companies/institutions ready to embrace such technology?
clipped from www.usatoday.com
Twitter took off from simple to ‘tweet’ success

SAN FRANCISCO — “What are you doing?”

That question is the rocket fuel for Twitter — a hot social-network service that lets you tell people what you are up to at any given moment of the day — via cellphone, instant messenger, or the Web. Never heard of it, you say?

“What are you doing?” is the question Twitter asks “Twitterers” to answer in a simple text message as they connect with friends, co-workers or the wider world. Twitterers “tweet” about everything from what they had for lunch to how much they enjoyed their latest Netflix DVD. If that sounds silly and incredibly narrow at first, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“When people hear about Twitter, their immediate reaction is that it’s the simplest and stupidest idea in the world,” says co-founder Biz Stone.

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When the going gets tough, the tough become recessionistas?

With financial doom and gloom with every newspaper on our doorstep it could pay to think how to adapt businesses to the news circumstances because no mater in what situation there will always be winners and losers.

In the US some people are going for recesson chic. Can you imagine this playing out in Indonesia?

With Bakrie’s companies going southward and the Sidoarjo issue still boiling away an earthy look would be appropriate to replace those Zegnas:

Angry young men and women could adopt the FPI range of streetwear:

Activist types could also look elegant and make their point:

The extremely practical who think their misdeeds may be exposed by the extra vigilance against corruption in hard times may want to adopt the prison look.

clipped from www.nytimes.com
Consider the $1,235 patent-leather satchel with golden hardware designed by Anya Hindmarch.

Mary Hall, a marketing manager at I.B.M. in Redondo Beach, Calif., heard its siren call. Then she went to Target to purchase a similarly shiny purse, made out of polyvinyl chloride, by the same designer. Price: $49.99.

“In the current economy, I thought I would reform,” Ms. Hall said.

Welcome to “recession chic” and its personification, the “recessionista,” the new name for the style maven on a budget.

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