Who’s behind Matanews?

Unspun recently was followed by Matanews.com, so checked out their website which turned up to be a news portal. The website is scant on news or information about who’s behind Matanews though, except for some names on the Dewan Redaksi.

Who are these guys and how does one get "more actual" than actual?

Unspun‘s sleuth tried to find out but this is what she says:

The Dewan Redaksi are is Aloysius M. Rebong (Aloy), Borkat Haboaran, Hotzon Sirait, Mahawisnu T. Alam and Lia Ismail. The site is under Newslink Corporation where Aloy is the Director. Not much results on Aloy and Borkat (Borkat used to work in Bidik—a police/law-enforcement magazine). Mahawisnu T. Alam is a law consultant in William, Effendi & Co.; according to HukumOnline. This is his FB profile: http://www.facebook.com/people/Mahawisnu-Tridaya-Alam/572976239

So who are these guys?