How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention – Maverick Indonesia

This is what I wrote for my office blog at Maverick How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention – Maverick Indonesia There was a time when we fretted about staff retention. Like many others we adhered to the conventional wisdom that if you did everything right as an employer, then […]

Diving Deep at Maverick

One of the values at my workplace, Maverick, is that “balance is vital to everything we do.” To love up to those values we ass a company provide what we call a Personal Development Fund. The idea is this: after working with us for a year, provided you make the grade by being confirmed, you […]

The bonus we get when we give bonuses

One of the most gratifying moments as an operator of a communications consultancy is when we are able to distribute bonus checks to our employees. We did that last week, in recognition for their contributions in helping Maverick active a profitable 2011 but more importantly in helping us become even more robust as team. The […]

The SABRE Asia-Pacific Nominations

This is what I posted at Talking Points, Maverick’s corporate Blog Being named finalist in the SABRE Asia-Pacific Nominations 2011 is proving to be an interesting year for Maverick where awards are concerned. Back in March Maverick was named a finalist in the Holmes Report’s Southeast Asian Consultancy of the Year Award. But, whether it […]

Survey: Have a web strategy if you want to get on to traditional media in Indonesia

Early this year the Mavericks asked themselves a question: “How would Indonesian journalists prefer to be contacted in such a connected world?” In the old days, if you had a press conference or were pitching a story you either faxed them or called them on the phone. Then there came email and SMS. Today we […]

The Cicak who could

After experiencing a viral attack on our old host, Maverick shifted our blog to another host and it’s finally working again. We’re tweaking the blog but here’s something that I posted on on the resurrected blog this morning: Lessons for Business in the Cicak-Buaya fight There is a valuable lesson for Business in the conflict […]