Too much time, nothing to do

The Cantonese phrase Tak Han Mo Yeh Cho comes to mind when Unspun read the story below. Roughly translated the phrase (literally, too much time, nothing to do) refers someone who engages in frivolous things because they have nothing better to do. It is totally apt for Malaysian officials and Ministers over the ridiculous issue […]

When its OK not to register your marriage and marry more than one wife, or three

Unspun was trying to unspin what the Minister for Religion had to say about unregistered marriages, polygamy and the law and ended up in a knot instead. A minister that considers something illegal legal from the religious standpoint, legal registration of marriages not being encouraged…what is going on with this guy? Can someone please help […]

Women having extramarital sex with no men?

This story has been making headlines in Malaysia. But so far nobody seems to have answered the question of many discerning readers of this episode: How come no men are caned together with the women? Why is it that only the women were punished for having extramarital sex? What about the men who fucked them? […]

The Allah Issue: The difference in Malaysia and Indonesia

The Malaysian Government is totally right, of course, in its explanation that Malays in Malaysia are different from Muslims in other countries such as Indonesia. Its insistence that this difference is justification why the word Allah cannot be used by those of other religions as in Indonesia and in Arab nations are, however, spurious. Marina […]

The Allah issue in Malaysia: Look South

This Allah issue in Malaysia is getting ridiculous and dangerous – the latest developments include the firebombings of churches in Taiping. Ironically Taiping, where Unspun grew up in the state of Perak in Malaysia, is means “Great Peace” in Chinee. It was given the name after a bloody civil war between rival Hokkien and Cantonese […]

What would Christ do about undercover hacks?

This is an interesting case where praise and gratitude should prevail over anger. The story: Two Muslim reporters pass off as Christians, attend a ceremony and took communion in an effort to check out rumors that young Muslims are bing converted to Christianity. They write the article saying that the rumors aren’t true. This is […]

More to come for Malaysian Muslims/Malays?

Unspun’s sister must be having a relaxed day because she’s sent us an email that’s making the rounds in Malaysia following the Yoga prohibition. Here’s sharing it with you: Selepas fatwa pengharaman yoga, fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang adalah seperti berikut :   Disember 2008 Orang Islam dilarang mandi di kolam renang awam. Di kolam renang […]

Muslim Women and the pestilence of small-minded bureaucrats

My Asylum‘s brought Unspun‘s attention, via Facebook, to a Malaysiakini report of a Sisters-in-Islam’s campaign against book banning, after the Bolehsia government banned “Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism”. No doubt Muslim women would consider parochial, self-righteous, holier-than-thou bureaucrats one of the challenges as well. clipped from ‘No book-banning campaign’ launched by […]

Too sexy for their catwalk

And this PAS party wants to be part of the ruling government in Malaysia? Did the hotel get off scott free for hosting this? Only four men in a contest? Were they good looking and did they shave their legs? clipped from Malaysian Islamic court sends 4 Muslim men to jail for cross-dressing The […]