Jobs for the bloggies and social media types

One of the things we told participants at Maverick’s  PR and New Media Workshop on Tuesday this week was that we had a feeling that there would be many developments in new media in Indonesia and overseas this year. It looks like this prediction is coming to pass.

One of Unspun‘s friends recently sent him an email where Yahoo is looking for a country editor for Indonesia. I’ve attached the email at the bottom of this posting for anyone interested in the position.

In the meantime, the venerable New York Times, has taken a huge step into cyberspace with the appointment of its first “social media editor”. Here’s a clip of the story that appeared in The Jakarta Globe today:


As each day passes, it becomes ever more evident that social media – yes blogs, Twitter, plurk, Facebook…- has to be taken seriously, or at least cannot be ignored.

The question to Indonesian companies is: what are you doing about it, assuming that you have any idea at all what social media is all about? Continue reading “Jobs for the bloggies and social media types”