Crisis management enthusiasts: follow the Samsung crisis

Dealing with bloggers is not an easy task as they form a category of influencers. Misdealing with them invites a business crisis.

This story has been going viral among the online category, making Samsung look like an absolute shmuck for mistreating bloggers.


And to add insult to injury, Nokia has leaped into the fray as a white knight to help the blogger stranded by Samsung. See the link here.

Unless Samsung acts decisively and contains the situation soon, more horror stories of Samsung’s behavior like this one will surface and garher momentum, forcing the company into a crisis situation that could see it losing missions of dollars and a huge dent to its reputation.

So get your popcorn, relax and sit back to enjoy the show.

Welcoming back an old friend

Unspun, being a boy who loves his toys, had been a friend of Palm from way back, from the first clunky organizer (by today’s standards) right up to the smartphones such as the Treo.

Then the Centro came along and although it wasn’t a very good phone the Palm operating system was still great. Unspun also loved the many features, the friendly the user interface and the ease with which the Palm could synchronize with Window and the Mac. These were the features that adhered Unspun to Palm and its products. But by then Palm had become a tired brand. There was nothing new, it offered no new features, applications were few and no new applications were coming into the market.

The Centro, however, killed Unspun‘s love affair with Palm because it was a piece of crap. It was unstable and Palm by then did not have the service to back up the phone’s deficiencies in Indonesia. So Unspun began to look around for another phone. He tried the Nokia E71 and found that it was unnecessarily complicated and user unfriendly. He sold the phone off within a week of buying it.

That virtually left the Blackberry Bold as the only contender Continue reading “Welcoming back an old friend”