The lovely wooden houses of Bangka

Was in Bangka over the weekend and couldn’t help but appreciate the textures and washed out colors of the wooden houses as you get out of Pangkal Pinang.

Here’s one of them:

Between Sungai Liat and Parai beach resort

The rest, as well as other shots of Bangka I’ve uploaded on Unspunpics

Here are other photos from Bangka:

Bangka Pissnaken?
The obligatory sunset shot. This of the Parai Resort: great picturesque location but absolutely norak decor and architecture
Parai Beach, Bangka
We went to a farm in Sungai Liat and saw these piggy wiggys that somehow reminded me of my office. Bangka is also famouse for its roast pork and you can buy some just outside the airport where a group of vendors are clustered, or, if you have the connections, make a phone call and have it delivered by air to Jakarta