Free tickets to Pesta Blogger

Pesta Blogger 2008 is on tomorrow and it is shaping up to be quite an event with three ministers attending, blogger-singers entertaining, about 1,000 bloggers from across the nation atteding and the five foreign bloggers climaxing their Blog Trip through Bali, Jogja and jakarta. The registration for the 1,000 places available has been oversubscribed andContinue reading “Free tickets to Pesta Blogger”

The ugly “girls” of the Bali Blogging Community

After all the hard traveling and visiting the tourist sites in bali the five foreign bloggers were treated to a night of camaraderie and madcap fun by the Bali Blogging community last night. But did they in their wildest dreams (or nightmares) every imagined that they would be confronted by The Joker in Balinese traditionalContinue reading “The ugly “girls” of the Bali Blogging Community”

Kompas’s answer to New Media

Kompas has been trying to meet the challenge from the New Media with Kompasiana from September 1. The blog contains writings from Kompas journalists as well as guest writers, one of the latest is Chappy Hakim the former Air Force chief. They are going to Pesta Blogger as well. You might also want to checkContinue reading “Kompas’s answer to New Media”

Jeff Ooi and Mr Brown to attend Indonesia’s Pesta Blogger 2008

Its now official, although a few bloggers have got wind of this earlier on. Malaysia’s most prominent blogger and parliamentarian Jeff Ooi of Screenshots and satirist Mr Brown of Singapore will be among the five bloggers who will attend Pesta Blogger. Prior to attending the Pesta Blogger itself they will go on a blogging tripContinue reading “Jeff Ooi and Mr Brown to attend Indonesia’s Pesta Blogger 2008”

Almost 40% of places for Pesta Blogger 2008 taken up in one day

Registration for Pesta Blogger 2008, which will be held at the BPPT Building in Jakarta on 22 November, has taken off with a fast start. Registration pened on Monday afternoon, on National Bloggers Day, and by 3.45pm Tuesday (yesterday) 385 of the 1,000 available places for Pesta Blogger have been taken up. So if youContinue reading “Almost 40% of places for Pesta Blogger 2008 taken up in one day”

Enda, Budi and moi?

The Jakarta Post did a write up on “Bapak Blogger” Enda Nasution today.  The interview was conducted because yesterday was National Bloggers Day, proclaimed by Minister of Communication and InInformatics Muhammad Nuh at last year’s Pesta Blogger. Good to see the ole’Post giving serious coverage to blogging and bloggers, especially in the run up toContinue reading “Enda, Budi and moi?”

Pesta Blogger ’08 registration opens

Ever since the official announcement last Wednesday that Pesta Blogger 2008 will be held at the BPPT building on November 22, the Organizing Committee has been beset with inquiries from bloggers and enthusiasts of how to register for the event. Well, wonder no more. All you need to do is go to the Pesta BloggerContinue reading “Pesta Blogger ’08 registration opens”

Pesta Blogger 2008 gets a logo, buttons

Slowly but surely Pesta Blogger 2008 is gathering momentum. The Pesta Blogger Committee earlier called for bloggers who are also designers or would be designers to submit their designs for the logo and buttons for Pesta Blogger 2008 and many responded. Yesterday the chairman of Pesta Blogger 2008 announced the winning design and it isContinue reading “Pesta Blogger 2008 gets a logo, buttons”