Indonesia and Malaysia Truly Garrulous?

Once again Rima Fauzi asks a very pertinent question. This time it’s over the Indonesia-Malaysia spat, triggered most recently by the Pendet dance.

So what’s responsible for the noise between the neighbors? Malaysia’s thieving and disrespectful ways or Indonesia’s hypersensitivity?

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As a people, Indonesians have become more and more hot-headed by the minute. It is actually something to be ashamed of as hot-headedness is one of the typical signs of being uneducated (thus not being able to keep one’’s cool).

A Chocoholic’s Piece of Mind

Not only are we getting more hot-headed, it seems that we are also falling deeper into ignorance. Which is a shame, because there should be no more excuses for one to be stupid and ignorance seeing as there is almost no restriction on the information flow into the country, nor is there a shortage of ways for a person to educate one’’s self autodidactically (by ways of internet, television, books etc).

We have also become a nation that is stubbornly disrespectful to other nations, people who are different to us and also our own culture. And by our culture I mean our indigenous culture, not the one you see nowadays in Indonesia or television which is full of ignorant telenovelas, gossip shows and rich people/celebrities sporting their hedonistic lives on national television.

The upside of these traits is none, while the downsides are many. By being hot-headed and ignorant, we often miss simple truths and even more often we are easily provoked by the smallest of things. The most recent issue that has taken Indonesia like a storm is how our Malay brothers and sisters from Malaysia are ”thieves”.

We accuse them of stealing this and that from our culture to our cuisine, while in fact we are both Malay people sharing many of the same culture and cuisine that it’’s a little absurd (not to mention difficult) to claim which is whose and so on.

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