Pesta Blogger this Saturday and the tickets are running out fast

After months of planning, negotiating with sponsors, looking for the venue and running the blogshops in 10 cities throughout Indonesia Pesta Blogger 2009 is finally on to its last lap.

Registration for the most coveted annual event among bloggers and social networkers opened on Thursday and so far 750 people have registered. The Pesta Blogger Committee is limiting the number of participants to 1,200 this year because of space limitations, even in the recently completed SMESCO Building. So hurry to to register for a place or be prepared to stay outside the event of the year for bloggers.

This year’s Pesta Blogger was preceded by blogshops, workshops teaching newbies how to blog, in 10 cities, courtesy of Pesta Blogger’s main sponsor, the US Embassy in Jakarta. The workshops were followed by a discussion session on issues related to blogging in Indonesia, hosted by prominent national bloggers such as Enda Nasution, Wicaksono aka Ndoro Kakung and Iman Brotoseno (this year’s PB chairman). What follow is a kopdar or meet and greet session between local bloggers and their national counterparts. The blogshops have been very successful so far, judging from the enthusiastic response from the cities visited.

This year’s Pesta Blogger itself will also feature some special guests, depending on how things firm up over the next few days. We are expecting a blogger to travel all the way from the US to Jakarta and surrounding cities just for the Pesta Blogger. There is a rumor that Prita Mulyasari might be there. There is also an expectation that singer and former child star Sherina will not only attend but also entertain the participants; as will cult folk singers Endah and Ressa.

Mr Brown, one of Singapore’s most prominent bloggers and certainly the most entertaining, will revisit Pesta Blogger this year. He was our guest last year and this year he’s threatening to bring his weird sense of humor back to him and participate in Petsa Blogger, as well as taking a leading role in one of the breakout sessions.

Another guest of PB 2008 but who’s returning this year is Antony Bianco, aka The Travel Tart. He’s chosen this year to take the scenic route to Jakarta, courtesy of Air Asia. The airline has flown him to Sumatra and he’s worked his way tasting local fare, staying and taking with locals from Aceh to Semarang today, where, Unspun‘s told, he will be attending a wedding.

With less than a week to go it looks like Pesta Blogger is shaping up to be quite a show. So if you don’t want o miss it, register yourself at now, before the tickets run out.

The tart, the low cost carrier and chilli cow brains

How did someone like him

Anthony Bianco having a bad hair day

Get someone like him

Air Asia Boss Tony Fernandez

to get his airline

to fly him all over here

to eat cow’s brains and write postings like this:


just to get to

find out here and here.

In the meantime, welcome back to Indonesia Anthony and we hope you’ll have many great stories to tell us when you finally arrive at Pesta Blogger on October 24 in Jakarta after travelling through Sumatra and Jawa.

Pesta Blogger 2009 gets a logo

Slowly but surely the momentum is building up for Pesta Blogger 2009. The Committee has just decided on the winning entry for the logo of Pesta Blogger 2009 and it is a design by Eko Eddi Sucipto, a blogger as well as a freelance corporate identiy freelancer.

Judging from the comments from the Pesta most of the bloggers like the design but others think it too squiggly. But what’s a design worth if it does not attract controversy?

Other developments: an institution is said to have just committed to becoming a major sponsor, but you’ll have to wait for the announcement.

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