Ollie’s journey as Chairwoman of ON|OFF

It has been a pleasure to work with Ollie in her role as Chairwoman for ON|OFF. Throughout the preparation stages she has been full of ideas, contacts, flexibility, firmness and never too proud to admit the things she did not know and to ask for help.

And she’s acquitted herself extremely well on Saturday when the ON|Off event achieved – if the Twitter feed for #onoffID is any indication – wild success. Unspun’s observations and thoughts of the event and the evolution of the blogging scene in this country in a later posting but in the meantime here’s Ollie’s own account of her journey as this year’s Chairwoman:

ON|OFF 2011 – Ideas Meet Opportunities

December 5, 2011 Ollie

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It’s been a long journey. Early May 2011, Ong & Hanny come to me and asked me to be the Chairwoman of Pesta Blogger 2011 or we call it now ON|OFF 2011. I was overwhelmed (still is). It’s been a BIG event since 2007. I don’t know if I can do that. Ong then explain my job descriptions, then also plans for this year’s event. I have some ideas regarding how the event should work, I told them on the spot, they like it. I still have plenty of ideas for ON|OFF, so, Bismillah, let’s do it.

We do our first media conference in July 2011 to kick off the event. I felt like a student learning for an exam when I get all the media documents from Nia. I’ve been connecting with medias, but mostly to talk about myself. This time it’s different. I become ‘the face’ of ON|OFF 2011 also represent our sponsors: Acer Indonesia & US Embassy. New experience for me.

Read the rest of Ollie’s post here

Registration begins for Pesta Blogger+ 2010

Pesta Blogger+ 2010 will take place on October 30 at Epicentrum Walk.

Pesta Blogger this year is a bit different because it has a + to it to denote the shift in online consumption from mere blogs to heavier usage of Twitter and Facebook as well as other geo-location platforms such as Four Square and Koprol.

So expect more breakout sessions where the online communities other than bloggers will be represented.

The number of participants is expected to increase as well. The first Pesta Blogger in 2008 drew 500 participants. By last year we had about 1,200 participants. This year we’re trying to cap it at 1,500.

There’s also been more sponsorship interest and its marked by Acer  coming in as a title sponsor, not only for this year but for next year as well. This is a great step forward for Pesta Blogger and signifies how this event is growing in influence.

Pesta Blogger’s ability to attract Acer’s attention, however, would not have been possible without the solid backing of the US Embassy over the past three years. Throughout they have been our biggest cheerleaders and since last year sponsored not only Pesta Blogger but also the 10-city blogshops that Indonesian bloggers in the provinces have embraced so enthusiastically.

For what’s in store at this year’s Pesta Blogger, go to Pestablogger.com and get the latest information. If you need information in English then post a question here and Unspun will try to get it answered.

So see you at Pesta Blogger!

Registrasi Pesta Blogger+ 2010!

Post by: RaRa on October 11th, 2010 in Headline, Updates

Salam blogger,

Sudah tidak sabar ingin datang ke Pesta Blogger+ 2010? Tiket untuk Pesta Blogger+ 2010 di Rasuna Epicentrum sudah dapat dibeli dari sekarang!



1. Kirimkan email pendaftaran ke info@pestablogger.com, dengan subject: Registrasi PB2010.

2. Isi email dengan format sebagai berikut:

Nama :

Email :

Alamat / Address :

Telepon yang dapat dihubungi :

URL blog :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Komunitas Online : (kosongkan billa belum bergabung di salah satu komunitas online)

3. Setelah data kalian kami diterima, kami akan mengirimkan email konfirmasi yang menyatakan bahwa kalian sudah memesan tiket.

4. Print dan simpan baik-baik email konfirmasi tersebut, sebab ini adalah bukti bahwa kalian sudah terdaftar dan berhak mendapatkan tiket 🙂

Pengambilan Tiket

Untuk yang di luar Jakarta:

1. Bawa bukti konfirmasi pendaftaran Pesta Blogger+ 2010 ke acara Pesta Blogger+ 2010, tanggal 30 Oktober 2010 di Rasuna Epicentrum Walk, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan – Jakarta.

2. Bukti konfirmasi ini dapat ditukarkan dengan tiket asli di meja registrasi yang telah ditentukan.

Untuk domisili Jakarta

Bagi yang berdomisili di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, tiket dapat didapatkan di pick-up point kami.

Lokasi pick-up point :

– Angkringan Wetiga, Jl. Langsat I/3A. Hari: Senin-Sabtu (tanggal 12 – 29 Oktober 2010), jam 18.00-22.00. CP: Mas Heru


– Sekretariat PB+ 2010, Maverick, Jl. Balitung III No. 8, Jakarta Selatan. Mulai 12 – 29 Oktober 2010, jam 10.00 – 16.30.



1. Bawa bukti konfirmasi pendaftaran Pesta Blogger+ 2010 ke pick-up point kami.

2. Bukti konfirmasi ini dapat ditukarkan dengan tiket asli.

HTM untuk Pesta Blogger+ 2010 adalah Rp 50.000,- (sama dengan tahun lalu), dibayarkan pada saat penukaran tiket 🙂

Tiket dengan jumlah terbatas juga tersedia langsung pada saat acara.

Mau masuk gratis?

Follow akun twitter Pesta Blogger+ 2010: @infopb2010, dan nantikan update spesial dari kami! 🙂

Sampai jumpa tanggal 30 Oktober 2010 di Rasuna Epicentrum Walk!

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Free tickets to Pesta Blogger

Pesta Blogger 2008 is on tomorrow and it is shaping up to be quite an event with three ministers attending, blogger-singers entertaining, about 1,000 bloggers from across the nation atteding and the five foreign bloggers climaxing their Blog Trip through Bali, Jogja and jakarta.

The registration for the 1,000 places available has been oversubscribed and is now close and the only way you can get in, if you haven’t registered, is to go there early (before 8.30am), line up and hope that there are some no-shows among the registered participants.

Or you can email Unspun (ong[at]maverick.co.id) and get a free ticket for the show of the year for bloggers. Unspun has five tickets to give away for the readers of this blog but it’s a first come first serve basis. if you’re one of the first five, Unspun‘ll reply to your email and you can pick it up at the maverick office.

Have fun.

The ugly “girls” of the Bali Blogging Community

After all the hard traveling and visiting the tourist sites in bali the five foreign bloggers were treated to a night of camaraderie and madcap fun by the Bali Blogging community last night. But did they in their wildest dreams (or nightmares) every imagined that they would be confronted by The Joker in Balinese traditional costume?

Mr Brown has the incriminating video:

The bloggers have also arrived in Jogja and you can follow the progress of their trips on Twitter

Mark Tafoya

Mr Brown

Angkringan diplomacy

Indonesia is Cameron Hume‘s fourth posting as Ambassador. Previously he’s been envoy in Algeria, South Africa and as Charge d’Affaires in Sudan. Perhaps of his long experience he usually carries with him an air of bored impatience.

Not that you blame him. Top businessmen and politicians must all sound alike after a while, trying to get the attention of the representative of the most powerful nation on Earth (for now anyway).

How the man must yearn to meet some real people in real settings rather than over wine, champange and tete-a-tete in the diplomatic circuits. Perhaps it was for this reason that Hume seemed really to enjoy himself when on Friday he dropped by Wetiga, the angkringan beside the dagdigdug office in Gandaria to donate 300 books to the Jakarta blogging community’s Gerakan 1,000 Buku program.

The Jakarta Blogging Community is called BHI, after Bundaren Hotel Indonesia, where the Jakarta bloggers gather to chat, swap stores and chew the fat on Friday nights. BHI have started a campaign to collect book donations. They will then distribute suitable books to needy children and schools and sell the other books to raise money for them. Their efforts are all part of what blogging communities are embarking on as part of the theme of this year’s Pesta Blogger, which falls on November 22.

After giving a short speech about how he hoped the translated books, which includes the Dr Seuss series, would bring as much joy to indonesian children and spark in them the curiousity and early love for words as they did to American ones, he proceeded to the Wetiga gerobak (push cart) where he selected some corn fritters and sat down to a chat with Ndoro Kakung, Iman Brotoseno and the “operator” of Wetiga Iqbal for a chat.

They talked about street food in Jakarta and Hong Kong and about blogging where the ambassador said, after carefully qualifying that “I don’t control my daughter”, that he thinks Pesta Blogger would be a great function and that he’d ask his daughter to attend.

They then chatted about other things but the ambassador looked like he was having a real good time for a change. After a while he left and everyone felt rather good about his visit. perhaps diplomacy should be more of such events where envoys sit down with real people and talk about real things.

Links to the ambassador’s visit:

Dubes pechas Nadhe

Sang Dubes di Angkringan Wetiga

Dubes AS: Angkringan is Good

Dubes As Ikut Sumbangan ‘Gerakan 1,000 Buku’

Dubes Amrik Mampir

Snapping for society

Pesta Blogger draws nearer (its on October 25) and as a run up to the event Iman — film director, photographer and my diving sifu — has organized a photo contest for bloggers.

There is only one condition – photos must keep to the theme of this year’s Pesta Blogger, which is Blogging for Society. Other than that it is a free-for-all. Iman’s also managed to persuade an impressive list of names to be the judges of the contest. They are Deniek Sukarya, Jerry Aurum, Arbain Rambay, Oscar Motuloh and Dibyo Gahari.

So stop sitting in front of your computer looking at blogs like a first class nerd and get out there photographing for society!

clipped from pestablogger.com

Pesta Blogger Photo Contest
Pesta Blogger 2008 semakin hari semakin dekat, dan sebagai salah satu kegiatan menyambut ajang nasional para blogger, akan diselenggarakan kontes photo skala nasional, yang dinamakan Pesta Blogger Photo Contest . Kontes fotography ini terbuka untuk umum dengan tidak mengenal kategori usia dan tidak membatasi kemampuan fotography peserta. Amatir, profesional atau penikmat photography. Serta terbuka untuk warganegara Indonesia dan penduduk asing yang tinggal di Indonesia sepanjang memiliki surat keterangan ijin menetap.
Selain itu juga tak ada batasan jenis kamera. Pocket, semi pro maupun DSLR dipersilahkan, sepanjang diambil dalam format digital

Dalam Pesta Blogger 2008 karena mengambil tema ‘ BLOGGING FOR SOCIETY ‘ yang menunjukan peran Blogger terhadap komunitas sekitarnya.

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A “manusia kursi” for Pesta Blogger 2008

Finally, after some persuasion by Pesta Blogger 2007 chairman Enda Nasution and others in the blogging community, the every popular Ndoro Kakung has agreed to become chairman for Pesta Blogger 2008.

Read the post below as to why he chose to take up this task and why he has chosen “Blogging for Society” as the theme for this year’s Pesta Blogger, that Unspun understands may even be larger than last year’s gathering of 500 plus bloggers from around the country

Way to go Ndoro!

clipped from pestablogger.com

Amanah yang tak mudah
Terima kasih untuk Enda dan kawan-kawan blogger di mana pun berada yang telah meletakkan harapan di pundak dan meminta saya menjadi “manusia kursi” Pesta Blogger 2008.

Terus terang saya membutuhkan beberapa malam untuk memutuskan menerima amanah yang cukup berat ini karena meneruskan apa yang sudah dirintis Enda dan kawan-kawan pada Pesta Blogger tahun lalu jelas bukan pekerjaan mudah. Dengan segala kelebihan dan kekurangannya, perhelatan tempo hari sungguh prestasi yang sulit terulang. Saya merasa kurang mampu dan tak lebih dari yang lain.

Sejujurnya, saya bahkan menginginkan Enda meneruskan kembali langkah awal yang sudah diayunkannya tahun lalu. Kalaupun harus mengalihkan tanggung jawab karena satu dan lain hal, saya pribadi ingin tahun ini Pesta Blogger dipimpin oleh seorang blogger perempuan. Mengapa?

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Pesta Blogger now open to well wishers and contributors

With eight days to go to Pesta Blogger 2007 the Steering Committee has been inudated with inquiries from well wishers wanting to know if they might be able to make donations of gifts or cast to help make this event, the first ever large scale national gathering of bloggers, a success.

Any company or individual interested in becoming a well wisher/contributor to Pesta Blogger can check out the Pestablogger.com website for more information. Or the can contact event manager Hanny by email. We are looking for gifts and stuff that we can insert into the goodie bags for participants. Remember, however, that this is a not-for-profit event, it is informal and results of all contributions will be listed, audited and reported at the Pesta Blogger website after the event.

Many businesses and individuals have contributed selflessly and generously to make this event a success that we think it will be and this is as good a time as any to thank them.

Microsoft Indonesia and Nokia Indonesia were first off the mark in becoming sponsors. XL Business Solutions was next to agree to become a sponsor. Kompas Cyber Media, Koran Tempo, and The Jakarta Post were all very accommodating and fabulous as media partners. Others to thank are Rony at Jogja who designed the Pesta Blogger Button , Jerry Aurum for designing the Pesta Blogger logo and Rangga Sastrowardoyo who chipped in to design the newspaper ads for Pesta Blogger which will appear next week.

Among the well wishers and contributors, those who have joined the party are Mobile Magazine, Digital Mark Reader and Mr. Potato. Keep abreast with the news at Pestablogger.com.

( Disclosure: Unspun works at Maverick which is helping to organize the Pesta Blogger)

Pesta Blogger doubles number of participants

It is nine more days to Pesta Blogger 2007 at Blitz Megaplex and the Indonesian blogosphere is buzzing with anticipation.Response for the gathering, Indonesia’s first national gathering of bloggers, has been so overwhelming that the Steering Committee is now planning for double the number of participants from its original plan of 200.

According to Steering Committee Chairman Enda Nasution bloggers from cities other than Jakarta are planning to send teams to the gathering. So far the 100 free places have been snapped up and is oversubscribed by more than 3 times – 358 applications, to be exact.Some bloggers, such as Aristanto and Thomas Arie Setiawan are just chuffed that they’ve received their passes to go to Pesta Blogger.

With the extra capacity of Blitz, the Steering Committee is now allocating about 200 places for representatives of blogging communities from the provinces, 50 places for the media, 30 places for sponsors(XL Business Solutions, Microsoft and Nokia), media partners (Jakarta Post, Koran Tempo and Kompas Cyber Media), well wishers and contributors, as well as another 15 spaces for group discussion leaders.

In an attempt to prevent disappointment from turned away bloggers at the door, the Committee is also allocating 100 places for those who show up on the day but who have not been registered. They can come in by paying Rp 100,000 to cover the costs of food and venue.

Word is that foreign media is also interested in attending. They include Global Voices‘ Preetam Rai and Angilee Shah, the former editor of Asia Media /UCLA have said they would attend.

The Pesta Blogger now looks to be shaping up to be a much bigger event that most of us thought it would be, thanks to the sponsors and partners, as well as all those who chipped in to help.

clipped from pestablogger.com

Kapasitas Peserta Bertambah 2 Kali Lipat

Ternyata antusiasme para bloggers untuk menghadiri acara Pesta Blogger 2007 tahun ini cukup membludak )

Berikut beberapa perkembangan terbaru seputar Pesta Blogger 2007:


Hingga saat ini, telah ada 358 pendaftar yang mendaftarkan diri lewat situs resmi pestablogger.com—walaupun hanya 100 pendaftar pertama saja yang bisa mendapatkan free pass, alias mengikuti acara ini secara gratis.

Selain peserta yang mendaftarkan diri secara langsung, terdapat pula 200 peserta yang diundang oleh Panitia, terdiri dari para pembicara, bloggers terkemuka Indonesia, serta tentu saja; yang paling signifikan adalah perwakilan dari komunitas-komunitas bloggers di daerah serta komunitas blog lainnya yang ada di Indonesia.

Minat yang membludak dari para bloggers dan komunitas bloggers ini membuat kapasitas undangan yang awalnya hanya dibuka untuk 100 orang naik 2 kali lipat, menjadi 200 orang.

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Pesta Blogger registration starts tomorrow

Update: 12.55pm. Oct 5: It is nearly three hours since the registration opened and already there have been 72 bloggers who have registered to come to Pesta Blogger. So hurry, only 28 places left before registration closes. Unspun’s been told also that the Pesta Blogger is attracting a lot of attention from all quarters and as a sign that it’s being taken seriously some bloggers have taken to satirizing the event (and some are very funny indeed) and there’s even a group to boycott it. Well, that group had better hurry or it’d be like bolting the barn door after the horse has bolted

The registration for the 100 free places at Pesta Blogger starts tomorrow at 10am. Make sure you’re there as we expect these places to fill up fast. Ke Pesta Blogger Yuk! The link: Pestablogger.com

Pesta Blogger badges ready

The Pesta Blogger Steering Committee has prepared badges for participants and supporters. There are two versions, one that says you are going to Pesta Blogger 2007 and one that says you are supporting Pesta Blogger 2007.It comes in several colors per version so you can pick the color that suits your mood. The logo was designed by Jerry Aurum Design. Jerry is a very talented photographer and designer. He recently published Femaleography, a book on the female form.

He contributed this design free of charge to Pesta Blogger, another instance of how some many people seems to come together to make this event a success. Thanks Jerry!
Follow the link below to get to the Pesta Blogger blog and to download your badges.

clipped from pestablogger.com
1. I’M GOING TO *untuk teman-teman yang merencanakan dan dapat hadir di Pesta Blogger 2007*Pesta Blogger 2007cut & paste code di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan image diatas

Pesta Blogger is under way!

Indonesia’s first large scale bloggers gathering is under way.The steering committee today held a press briefing to announce details of the gathering, Pesta Blogger, on October 27. They aim to attract 200 bloggers from throughout Indonesia and so far, judging from some of the comments in the site bloggers from Solo, Bandung, Yogjakarta and Kalimantan. Some commentators have also asked for the event to have a video streaming/chat facility.

Present at the press briefing today were big names in the Indonesian blogging community, such as Enda Nasution (who is also chairman of the steering committee), Budi Putra, Wimar Witoelar, Nukman Luthfie, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, Lita Mariana, Priyadi, Ratna Arianti. (see photo below from the Flickr account of Satya Witoelar (Wimar Jr.)

For more details go to Pestablogger.com. You can also find more information in the following links here, here, here and here for instance.

The Steering Committee will invite 100 bloggers to ensure that there is a spread of different interest groups. It will then open the next 100 places to bloggers on a first-come-first-served basis.

(Disclosure: Maverick, the company Unspun works in, is helping to organize the Pesta Blogger)

clipped from pestablogger.com

Konperensi Pers Pesta Blogger

Suasana konperensi pers Pesta Blogger 2007 di Anomali Kafe, Jalan Senopati, Jakarta. Duduk di depan adalah [dari kiri] Enda Nasution, Wimar Witoelar, Nukman Luthfie, dan Sinta (Bubunet).

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