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What Unspun loves about the bloggersphere is that no matter how crazy the world gets and no matter what bandwagon everyone else gets on there is someone out there skeptical enough, prescient enough and with enough cojone to call things as they see them.

Such a bloggers are gems because they validate those of us who sometimes begin to doubt our own perceptions of the world because it seems so at odds with everyone else, even people we socialize and respect. One such gem is ManusiaSuper.

Prior to reading his latest posting (below) Unspun was looking at the whole Coins for Prita (Mulyasari) movement with some visceeal unease. There is something amiss about the whole thing and thoughts were percolating in Unspun’s mind, waiting for the time it spills over into a blog posting.

Then, after reading the blogpost and ManusiaSuper’s take on the movement, things began to fall into place for Unspun, so here’s some thought’s that’s gone through Unspun’s mind on the Coins for Prita and other online movement.

1. The Net has made it very easy, perhaps too easy, for people to get on a cause bandwagon.

In the old days you had to have the kind of commitment to go out on the hot dusty (or wet, rain-drenched and muddy) streets to make yourself heard. These days all it takes is to set up a website, blog, Facebook page or Tweet with a catchy hashtag and voila! you have a cause. The ease with which others can join in also makes it almost, and often, an unthinking exercise, more on the league of keeping up with the Joneses than fighting for something heartfelt, which leads me to the next point…

2. Is it the cause or is the cause something else?

What are the supporters of Coins for Prita actually supporting or fighting for? Are they against the draconian aspects of the UU ITE,at which case wouldn’t it make more sense to camapign for an amendment or repeal of the law? Or are they against the perceived obtuseness and arrogance of Omni International Hospital, at which case organizing a boycott of the hospital would make more sense?

As Unspun sees it, it was excessive for the prosecutors to jail Prita for her complaints that probably originated from bad customer service from Omni Hospital in addressing her grouses in the first place. But for the hospital to sue her for defamation is fair game. Organizations and businesses have a duty to protect their reputations too. This is not saying that Omni is right; this is recognizing that Omni has the right to protect its reputation through legal means. It is now up to the court to make that decision. If it makes an asinine one then the protestors can make common cause against the law being an ass.

Unspun suspects that the real reason behind the Coins for Prita movement is more a manifestation of a sense of frustration at the general injustice of the entire Indonesian legal system. This is a system in which a grandmother that stole three cocoa pods and a grandfather that didn’t even steal a bunch of bananas can be convicted and punished when the rich and powerful not only get away scot free but parade their ill gotten wealth with impunity; a system where policemen on meager salaries can wear luxury watches and drive cars costing several years of their salaries, and get away with it.

This is a system that is dysfunctional and needs to be forced to change, yet the agitators, fomentors and activists are not tackling the causes but the symptoms, such as Ibu Prita’s high-profile persecution, instead.

3. At the end of the day, are the online activists doing a favor to Indonesia or doing it a disservice?

It is difficult to argue against motherhood, apple pie, koalas and good intentions for seemingly worthwhile causes. But what if the ease in which to take up causes on the Net and misplaced good intentions are resulting in a lot of sound and fury that achieves little, rather than focussed campaigns that make a lasting impact on society?

When the double bombing of the Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels took place it spawned the #indonesiaunite movement. Unspun then wondered whether all that energy and earnestness to do something for Indonesia would amount to anything if it was not channeled to something more focused (What comes after #indonesiaunite?). Many in the movement objected to this line of thought but where is the movement now?

Koin Untuk Prita, Apakah?

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Keadilan telah direcehkan!

Keadilan telah direcehkan!

Sebagai awal, marilah saya tegaskan dulu satu hal; saya menolak segala bentuk ketidak adilan dengan alasan apapun.

Dan satu lagi; saya percaya Ibu Prita Mulyasari adalah korban ketidak adilan dan perlu mendapat dukungan.

Masalahnya adalah, dukungan seperti apa?

Seperti diketahui sebagian besar aktivis online, kasus hukum pencemaran nama baik yang dituduhkan Rumah Sakit OMNI International kepada mantan pasiennya Ibu Prita Mulyasari terus berlanjut.

Berita terakhir, Pengadilan Tinggi Banten memutuskan Ibu Prita Mulyasari harus membayar ganti rugi sebesar 240 juta rupiah atas pencemaran nama baik yang konon dilakukannya lewat email.

Sebuah angka yang fantastis hanya karena mengirimkan email bukan?

Ya, logika awam menyatakan ini adalah ketidak adilan.

Lalu secara spontan (term spontan mungkin tidak tepat, mungkin memang terencana, mungkin tidak), para seleb aktivis dunia maya bergerak, menyampaikan pesan berantai, dan akhirnya tercipta sebuah gerakan untuk mengumpulkan koin recehan untuk membantu Ibu Prita Mulyasari membayar dendanya.

Nah, mulai dari sini, mari kita bersinis-sinis ria…


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A tale of two legal cases: Anggodo and Prita Mulyasari

Update: Apparently the Viva news story before was incorrect. Antara reports Polri as having said that Anggodo hasn’t been declared a suspect yet here.

So we going forward, backwards, or sideways?


Two contrasting recipients of justice in Indonesia. We going forward, backward or sideways?

In Viva news:

Kasus KPK
Akhirnya Anggodo Jadi Tersangka
Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi diperiksa untuk tersangkan Anggodo Widjojo.
Rabu, 18 November 2009, 13:31 WIB
Ismoko Widjaya, Desy Afrianti
Anggodo Widjojo (VIVAnews/Nurcholis Anhari Lubis)

VIVAnews – Markas Besar Polri ‘diam-diam’ sudah menetapkan Anggodo Widjojo menjadi tersangka. Penetapan tersangka Anggodo ini sudah dilanjutkan dengan pemeriksaan Eddy Sumarsono dan Ary Muladi.

“Kami memeriksa (Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi) dengan tersangkanya Anggodo,” kata Direktur Ekonomi dan Khusus Bareskrim Polri, Komisaris Besar Polisi Raja Erizman di Gedung DPR, Jakarta, Rabu 18 November 2009.

Menurut dia, Eddy Sumarsono dan Ari Muladi diperiksa untuk tersangka Anggodo Widjojo, adik buron Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) Anggoro Widjojo.

In The Jakarta Globe:

Prita Mulyasari appearing during her first trial at the Tangerang District Court. (Photo: Safir Makki, JG)

Prita Mulyasari appearing during her first trial at the Tangerang District Court. (Photo: Safir Makki, JG)

Prosecutors Recommend Six Months Jail For Prita Mulyasari Defamation Case

District prosecutors in Tangerang on Wednesday recommended a sentence of six months in jail for Prita Mulyasari, who is standing trial for an infamous defamation case brought against her by two doctors at an upscale hospital in the Jakarta suburb.

“We are handling a very difficult case because of growing public opinion that the defendant is not guilty, regardless of the fact that the trial has not yet concluded,” said prosecutor Riyadi in his opening remarks.

“But justice must not bow to pressures only because the defendant has support from so many Facebookers or whatever,” he said.

“We recommend that the defendant, Prita Mulyasari, be found guilty of defamation… and be sentenced to six months in jail,” Riyadi told the court.

Prita Mulyasari: The fuss and the fury (of the onliners)

Indonesia’s online community are reacting strongly to imprisonment of Prita Mulyasari, the housewife who was jailed because she dared to complain about a hospital’s services.

The hospital’s authorities may think that they can use the law to clobber her into silence but in doing so they have made the classical mistake of becoming Goliath picking on a poor David. Nobody likes that and the onliners are reacting strongly in Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and glogs.

Unspun usually doesn’t pay much attention to Facebook cause invitations and almost never sends out any cause invitations but in this case I think we should all send a strong message to the courts, the hospital and the government that the law is an ass when it comes to the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction.

Enda and other onliners have started a Facebook cause page and so far they have managed to get over 20,000 supporters. Join the cause now, Help Free Prita and repeal the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction.


In the meantime  a typical manifestation of the anger over this, and an example of how onliners are controlling the flow of the conversation over the Prita issue can be seen in the Notes page of Ryan Koesuma. Ryan also take the trouble to translate Prita’s original letter of complaint into English for those who do not understand Indonesian.

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Backlash begins against jailing of housewife who dared complain against hospital

A backlash is beginning against the courts and hospital whose actions resulted in the jailing of a housewife who dared complain about the hospital’s service.

Facebook photo of Prita and her children from Ndoro Kakungs blog
Facebook photo of Prita and her children from Ndoro Kakung's blog

Details of the case are in the clip below.

What’s happening in the Net throughout Indonesia, however, is that there has been an outpouring of support for housewife Prita Mulyasari on Tweets and in blogs.

Some of the sentiments expressed on Twitter. It could upstage Manohara.
Some of the sentiments expressed on Twitter. It could upstage Manohara.

It would be interesting to see where all this leads and whether it would result in the freeing of Prita and the dismantling of the asinine Law on Electronic Information and Transaction.

In the meantime, bloggers can show support for Prita with the banners in a blog set up by Antyo Rentjoko, Enda Nasution, Tikabanget and Muhammad Zamroni.

clipped from www.thejakartapost.com

Indonesian housewife arrested over online consumer complaint

The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Sat, 05/30/2009 2:15 PM  |  National

An Indonesian woman was arrested on 13 May 2009 for allegedly circulating online defamatory statements against a hospital in Banten province, Indonesia.
According to the Southeast Asian Press Aliance, the prosecutor of Tangerang town in Banten said Prita Mulyasari was charged with violation of Article 27.3 of the Law on Electronic Information and Transaction. The charge carries a 6-year prison term.
It was learned that Prita ,who had been a patient of the Omni International Hospital, had asked her doctor for her medical record. When the doctor refused, Prita sent copies of her complaint via email.
As a result, the hospital filed a case against Prita. She is the second person to be charged under the Electronic Information and Transaction Law, after Iwan Piliang, an Indonesian blogger.
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