Alexis: right decision for the wrong reasons

Alexis almost certainly has prostitution as one of its services and Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is right to close it down if morality is his kind of thing.

But shutting it down based on press reports rather than on hard evidence is worrying, as it sets a bad precedence of executive action based on suspicion.

What this means is that in future all the Jakarta government has to do is suspect that you are guilty of a violation to impose sanctions on you.

And the basis of their suspicion? Media reports.

While there are many responsible and professional journalists out there who would document and recheck their facts before going to print, there. are many more still who are slack, naive and easily manipulated or can be bought or intimidated.

This being the case, it is not difficult for anyone to engineer negative stories against any business or party. And given the depleted ranks of journalists because of falling ad revenues it is easy for even implausible stories to be copy pasted onto other publications, amplifying the negativity.

With Anies’ action to deny the renewal of Alexis based on mere press resports rather than, say, an investigation by City Hall officers or the Police, we have entered the dubious territory of Kangaroo Courts.

We’d better hop onto trying to right this wrong before we end up in Anies’s pocket.

Malaysian men for hire: how do I register?

Nice job if you can get it: regular pay, not much to do, good hours.

How does one get hired by these foreign women? Unspun would like to know as you never know when you may need to supplement your income in such economically turbulent times.

And isn’t the figure of only 1:25 marriages between a foreign women and a Malaysian man is legitimate astounding?

My potential Boss Ma’am?

Foreign Women Use ‘Husbands for Hire’ in Malaysia

Foreign women in Malaysia are making extensive use of “husbands for hire” to circumvent immigration laws, according to the country’s immigration director.

The women typically pay the men 5,000 ringgit (about $1500) a month. Many of the women are sex workers, authorities said, and can make four times that much in the same time period, especially if they do not have to leave the country frequently to secure visas.

In past police raids at brothels, foreign prostitutes who produced marriage documents “knew nothing about these so-called husbands and their husbands can’t even recall the names of the wives off-hand,” Immigration Department director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman told the New Straits Times.

Rahman estimated only out of every 25 marriages between a foreign woman and a Malaysian man was legitimate. 

Foreign spouses are first given a three-month pass to stay in the country, then a six-month visa. Immigration officials conduct random checks to ascertain that the relationships are real, he said. But the measures have not been enough to stem the tide of fake marriages, especially in Perak, Johor and Penang.