Only one punishment fit for Mahathir

The ever eloquent Patrick Teoh hits home with the latest nonsense from Mahathir Mohammad, who thinks that he can fool all the people all the time that he’s actually a Malay.

Of all the audacious hoaxes and scams perpetrated on the Malaysian people over the years, none has been as audacious and preposterous as Mahathir’s claim to be a champion of Malay rights.

The man is not fully Malay. he is of mixed blood and is an Indian Muslim, what Malaysians call Mamaks. He is so mamak that in the general elections of the late 1950s, if Unspun remembers correctly, his name at the electoral roll as a candidate contained the word Iskandar, which he subsequently dropped. Malaysians will know that that is a sure confirmation of Mamak-ness.

This, however, did not prevent him from hoodwinking the entire Malay community in Malaysia that he is their champion for many years. He did this partly by playing the race card with rhetoric against the Chinese.

These days Mahathir is now retired and ignored by the Government so he has little to do. The prospect of Anwar Ibrahim taking over the reins must surely not appeal to him as well. So he’s shooting off his mouth again to get some attention.

How dare you, an impostor of the Malay race, a self styled champion of the Third World say such things about a major race in Malaysia?

And what’s wrong with a Malaysian Malaysia? because it is not a Malay Malaysia?

Unspun’s though hard and long about Mahathir and have come to the conclusion that there is only one punishment that will fit all the crimes Mahathir is guilty of: If Anwar gets to be Prime Minister he should be given the chance to sodomize Mahathir.

All those in favor say Aye?…

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What the )*)*(^%%#$^#@!!!

I have received comments that accuse me of being unfair to Dr. Mahathir by using only excerpts of his blog post. You can read the whole thing here.

Today’s big story for me is from the blog of Dr. Mahathir Mohd. …….

“Openly the Malays have not attacked Chinese racialism as manifested by their practical rejection of the use of the national language, their rejection of the national schools, their Malaysian Malaysia slogan.”

When I read that I was shell-shocked for almost 5 minutes. As a Malaysian I couldn’t believe that I was reading something like that from an former Prime Minister of my country.

“……Chinese racialism as manifested by their practical rejection of the use of the national language, their rejection of the national schools, their Malaysian Malaysia slogan.”


So sad when senility takes over a once brilliant mind.
Read the full report of his views here and Dr. Mahathir’s original writing here.


Deterioration of a brilliant mind.
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Ahmad Ismail’s suspension: Give ABB a break

It is easy to criticize, especially when you have a blog handy. But Unspun feels that it is also important to give credit when credit is due.

Prime Minister and Grand Poobah of Umno Abdullah Badawi has led the Umno supreme council in coming to a decision to suspend Ahmad Ismail’s membership for three years and strip him of all his party posts for making racially provocative remarks.

There are some critics who think that this is too little too late (see Kit’s blog) and or just a show. But Unspun thinks that for the soft person he is and the presures from the more garroulous elements within Umno, what ABB did took some courage. He did right and he should be commended for taking a decision that sends a message to other Umno trouble makers.

What now. Some in Malaysia are demanding their pound of flesh of Ahmad Ismail. Some say he needs to be charged under the ISA. Others say sedition.  It would be interesting to examine the motives for those who all for such harsh punishments. Are they motivated by a sense of justice? If so how much of this justice resembles the Nietzscherean definantion of justice being the spirit of revenge. revenge for what? Perceptions of being racially slighted and targeted by the government apparatus, is what Unspun thinks.

There has been so much resentment and ill feeling building up among races in Malaysia that it is the natural inclination of many Malaysians to seize the opportunity to get even. Hence the call to savage Ahmad Ismail, or the inability to give credit where credit is due.

This type of outlook is counterproductive. If anything right minded Malaysians should praise and reinforce good behavior in their Prime Minister. That would embolden him to make more right decisions.

Putting the Ahmad Ismail issue aside as something solved would also be a productive move. The man has been rebuked and his career as a politician tarnished. there is no more need to hound the man and make him a martyr among the more extreme racialists. Perversely, there is no bigger insult or damage that can be done to Ahmad Ismail than to ignore him. People like him thrive on the reaction of others. The reaction gives him reknown, even it is in the form of notoriety. Ignore him and he will be shouting in the wilderness.

Move on, Malaysia, move on.