The Allah issue in Malaysia: Look South

This Allah issue in Malaysia is getting ridiculous and dangerous - the latest developments include the firebombings of churches in Taiping. Ironically Taiping, where Unspun grew up in the state of Perak in Malaysia, is means "Great Peace" in Chinee. It was given the name after a bloody civil war between rival Hokkien and Cantonese... Continue Reading →

Crash and Burn: DVDs of 2012 by school kids

All very commendable for elementary school students to support their religious wallahs in protesting against a movie. Unspun, however is curious whether the DVDs they burned were legal copies or the cheap pirated stuff you get at Ratu Plaza and other illegal vendors.If it is the latter then you have to wonder what MUI has... Continue Reading →

What would Christ do about undercover hacks?

This is an interesting case where praise and gratitude should prevail over anger. The story: Two Muslim reporters pass off as Christians, attend a ceremony and took communion in an effort to check out rumors that young Muslims are bing converted to Christianity. They write the article saying that the rumors aren't true. This is... Continue Reading →

How do you cover racial bigotry?

Journalist Andreas Harsono, recipient of Maverick's Click of the Year Award for journalist-bloggers, ponders how journalists should cover a story of religious bigotry in Pontianak.(Thanks to reader Bonar for the link) clipped from Bagaimana Meliput Pontianak? Ratusan pendukung Barisan Melayu Bersatu datang ke Rumah Adat Melayu di Pontianak pada 20 Februari 2008. Mereka minta... Continue Reading →

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