APCO, 1Malaysia, 1Israel and the great Jewish Conspiracy

Back in August last year when APCO clinched the job to do the public relations for Malaysian Premier Najib Tun Razak and his Cabinet, Unspun questioned the wisdom of APCO taking on the job. The reason for that is the un-PRability of Najib and gang. Any communications consultant worth their salt knows that a consultant... Continue Reading →

Unspun on the Toyota recall crisis

The Toyota recall incident is turning into an unmitigated crisis of disaster-like proportions for the company. In between pretending to listen to speakers at a conference today Unspun's alter ego managed to communicate with a Reuters reporter who wanted to know his opinions about how Toyota seems to be handling the incident. Never short of... Continue Reading →

APCO clinches job to make Najib et al look good

Interesting news about APCO winning the PA/PR contract with the Malaysian Government (see extract below). The question, raised here between Unspun and Kay Peng (who still hasn't released my comment in his blog), is whether anything can be done to improve the image of Najib and the Malaysian government, regardless of how good, experienced or... Continue Reading →

Prabowo on why he’s engaging bloggers

Whatever you may think of the man's politics, human rights record or temperament, Presidential Candidate and Gerindra boss Prabowo seems to have taken his online initiatives seriously. His Facebook page, for instance, has more than 16,000 fans and he has a plethora of sites listed on it: http://www.perubahanuntukrakyat.com http://www.garudalima.com http://www.pilihlima.com http://www.hkti.or.id/ http://www.partaigerindra.or.id/ http://www.prabowosubianto.info/ He'd got... Continue Reading →

Is there hope for the Police in Indonesia?

Something incredible has been happening during Unspun's morning treks to the gym and back: policeman were actually vigilant next to busy interactions and - get this - they were even directing traffic! This is normal in other countries but in Indonesia where the police have the reputation as the most corrupt institution, policemen doing their... Continue Reading →

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