Roy the Boy now a minister

Its amazing where chutzpah can get you these days in Indonesia.

We are told bu the newspapers today that Roy Suryo, a self-professed telemathics expert has now been appointed by President Susily Bambang Yudhoho to be the new Sports Minister to replace disgraced Andi Mallarengeng.

Unspun’s theory is that Roy was chosen to fill in the spot because he has a moustache. His predecessor also sported a moustache. SBY has a predeliction for moustachoid Sports Ministers.
Sounds ridiculous, you say?

Well, it may sound like an out of the world explanation but it is not more ridiculous than any other possible alternative explanations when you consider how Roy the Bpy rose to prominence, or notoriety, dependijng on your perspective.

He was a relative unknown until he began using evey opportunity at publicity to display his prowress in telemathics, his alleged field of expertise. That was fine inthe old days when the telephone was still widely used and the mobile phone was a relatively new thing.

When that avenue of punditry became dated Roy reinvented himself to be an expert on anything that hinted at technology. All of a sudden he was an expert in social media, the internet, sms messages and even in the verification of pornographic photos.

You got to give the man credit though. e was relentless and shameless in promoting himself as an expert for all seasons. And how comes his reward, a stint as Sports Minister.

What went on in SBY’s mind in considering Roy as a Sports Minister? Does SBY have a mind? All troubling questions but we can rest in the confort of knowing that whatever problems that SBY faces Roy will be on hand to lend his expertise.

Roy Suryo strikes again: this time as sex tape expert

Unspun is ever in awe of the multi-talented Roy Suryo, telematics expert, House member and generally expert at anything hinting of technology that his huge intellectual capacity and his ego can encompass.

His latest feat of expertise was taxed when he was called to verify if a the image in the likeness of a Parliamentarian was actually the Parliamentarian (see story below).

Roy’s response? The woman on tape looks like the woman in photos given to him; the man on tape couldn’t e verified because he had only received screen grabs from the video instead of actual photos to compare with.

Now, Unspun wonders how much Roy charges for this expert “analysis,” leading to such startling conclusions?



House Commission I member Roy Suryo said he was almost certain that the woman in the tape was a House Commission IX member with the initials K.M.N. Roy made the conclusion after comparing photos of the woman with screenshots from the tape. “It’s hard to deny it, although I can’t say 100 percent that the [woman] is K.M.N. after I compared it with her photos,” Roy said after submitting his analysis to the Ethics Council. Roy said he could not identify the man in the video because he only received photos from the tape and had not seen the tape. To avoid a conflict of interest, Roy asked the Ethics Council to find other telematics experts to analyze the photos and tape. “As a House member, I should avoid conflicts of interest and politicization [of the case] because no matter what I say, I would be accused of having a vested interest since the two lawmakers are from different factions than mine,” the Democratic Party politician said.

via Indonesian Sex Tape Will Go to Ethics Council as Lawmaker Says Likeness ‘Hard to Deny’ | The Jakarta Globe.

Bravo to the unsung lion in Lion Air

It is not for no reason that Roy Suryo, the man with incredibly bad taste in neckwear, vies with Tifatul Sembiring for the title of Most Derided Public Figure Who Take Themselves Too Seriously.


Roy has been consistent though, in the sense that no matter what the obstacles and how untenable the situation he’s in, he remains undaunted in his faith that he can talk through anything.

Here again Roy the Boy shows his mettle. It’s all very suspicious. Roy apparently did not know what time his flight was; Lion Air letting him into an earlier flight without checking his ticket…how can anyone really explain such strangeness.

There is a silver lining in all this though. Someone should give the Lion Air pilot a medal for having the gumption and the guts to show his disgust at government officials and refusing to take off so long as Roy was hogging other people’s seats. Bravo to him.

Roy Suryo Maintains Innocence in Plane Seat Incident
March 28, 2011

Democratic Party legislator Roy Suryo tried to explain his side on Saturday after being escorted off a Lion Air flight bound for Yogyakarta that morning that he had caused to be delayed through a seat mix-up.

“I felt that I was being framed and played,” Roy told a news conference in Jakarta. “No matter. I will accept the blame, although I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Roy said he wanted to give his side of the story after the incident quickly became a hot topic on Twitter.

A Twitter user identified as Ernest said he and a friend had boarded a 6:15 a.m. Lion Air flight to Yogyakarta only to find their seats occupied by the lawmaker and his wife. “When it was checked, it turned out that Roy Suryo’s tickets were for the 7:45 flight, not 6:15, but he refused to leave the plane, dropping the name of Lion Air’s director,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Ernest said he and his friend decided to just leave the plane, but other passengers came to their support. After a 15-minute delay, the pilot, identified only as Capt. Vino, reportedly came out to ask what the problem was.

After receiving an explanation from a flight attendant, Ernest continued, the pilot walked back into the cockpit, grabbed his bag and left the plane, cursing government officials as he went and refusing to take off if Ernest and his friend were not on the plane.

Shortly after, a group of airport officials boarded the plane and asked Roy to disembark.

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Model Nation #19: Roy the Boy shows Mano’s “torture” photos

This keeps getting to be more like a circus each day.
Roy Suryo, the telematics expert who’s also an expert in just about anything involving lots of publicity for himself, has provided with photos allegedly showing the scars that Manohara Odelia Pinot obtained from her prince.
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Foto bergambar lebam di tangan Mano yang diambil pada 10 Maret 2009 pukul 22.01 WIB.
Rabu 10/06/2009 15:27 WIB

Foto News

Foto Penyiksaan Manohara
Fotografer – Novi Christiastuti Adiputri

Pakar telematika Roy Suryo menunjukan foto bukti penyiksaan terhadap Manohara di Hotel Santika, Jalan KS Tubun, Jakarta, Rabu (10/6/2009). Roy mengatakan foto-foto sayatan di tubuh Mano itu asli.

Foto Lain:

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The Talented Roy the Boy strikes again

Once again Roy the Boy has shown his encyclopedic knowledge on all things about all things.

Like Sherlock springing into action, the man who was trained in telematics – the science of long distance communications – he has examined the photo of the Bupati of Aceh in bad naked with a woman and pronounced that the woman who has half of her face covered, is not the Bupati’s wife.

How, oh how, Unspun wants to know can a man be so talented as Roy to be able to acquire expertise in photography, photoshop, pornography? What is his secret? How to unspin the learning process of the man who is able to comment on anything about everything?

(via Ndoro Kakung)

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Roy Suryo: Foto Hot Bupati Aceh Barat Daya Asli!

ACEH – Pakar telematika Indonesia, Roy Suryo meneliti foto mesra Bupati Aceh Barat Daya Akmal Ibrahim dengan seorang wanita yang diakui sebagai istri Akmal yang beredar di masyarakat.
Berdasarkan analisa Roy, Wanita yang tidur dengan sang Bupati itu bukanlah istrinya.
“Foto ini asli bukan rekayasa dan perempuan ini bukan istri Bapak Akmal, Dari Beberapa foto Bapak Akmal dan istrinya yang saya periksa, wanita dalam foto ini berbeda dengan istrinya,” kata Roy suryo Di Banda Aceh, Senin (27/10/2008).
Menurut Roy ditemukannya perbedaan pada ukuran alis, warna kulit, serta kerutan kulit wanita dalam foto dengan wajah istri Akmal. Foto akmal yang sedang berpelukan dengan dengan seorang wanita di atas ranjang itu direkam dengan mengunakan kamera hape sekitar satu tahun lalu.

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What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert

The blogging community in Indonesia is mighty pissed off over a certain Government expert and presidential advisor on technology who has been maligning bloggers as hackers and up to unsavory things.

Last night Minister for Information Muhammed Nuh met with bloggers and when asked what should be done about the so-called “expert” his advice was:

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“Saya kira komunitas blogger itu tak perlu distabilo. Sama sekali ndak ada niat kami untuk memusuhi. Kami justru ingin mendorong komunitas blogger sebagai pendorong dinamika baru, pencerahan masyarakat.

Kalau dirunut perjalanannya, di mana saya ikut terlibat, seperti yang pernah saya sampaikan pada Pesta Blogger 2007, saya bahkan mendorong blogger itu sebagai komunitas baru untuk menyebarkan fungsi pendidikan, pemberdayaan, dan memberi fungsi pencerahan masyarakat. Semua itu dikemas dalam bingkai membangun bangsa. Oleh sebab itu blogger itu part of our family.

“Ndak mungkin bapak menyembelih anaknya sendiri. Kalau ada kawan-kawan atau orang yang mengatakan bahwa blogger is our common enemy, ya harus dijawil. Saya kira nanti tugas kami yang akan menyampaikan bahwa ndak ada yg namanya musuh itu.

Kita justru membangun komunitas blogger ini bersama-sama.”

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Nuh also consulted bloggers about what the Government should do with the controversial Dutch documentary Fitna. Unspun‘s colleague Hanny, who was at the meeting last night, will be updating us on what was actually said between Nuh and the bloggers last night.

Unspun supposes it would be too much for Malaysian ministers to eat humble pie and give Nuh a call for some advise on how to get bloggers on their side?