Malaysia arrests another blogger

Malaysia today used the Internal Security Act to arrest kickdefella or Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz (photo) who made his name in the Malaysian blogosphere first by designing spoof movie posters of government leaders, then went on to become a blogger for the opposition PAS and then recently courted controversy by f lying the Malaysian […]

Operasi Lalang II?

So far three people have been arrested under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act.More are expected. Three newspapers have also been handed show cause letters. The last time the Malaysian Government cracked down in this manner was Operasi Lalang in 1987, Anwar, who’s said he intends to take power by getting MPs to switch to the opposition, […]

Blog ban a sign of a more deperate Malaysian government?

They say if all you have is a hammer then all your problems start to look like nails. So it is with the Malaysian government. With Anwar Ibrahim now beating at the gates the Badawi government has gotten more desperate. First some low ranking lackey called Saiful was asked to try to frame Anwar by […]