Malaysia arrests another blogger

Malaysia today used the Internal Security Act to arrest kickdefella or Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz (photo) who made his name in the Malaysian blogosphere first by designing spoof movie posters of government leaders, then went on to become a blogger for the opposition PAS and then recently courted controversy by f

lying the Malaysian flag upside down.

Ironically, Shiekh, as he’s also known wrote just a few days ago that he actually supported the Internal

Security Act. Here’s what he said:

Sheih on Sheih: The Guardian Angel of Malaysia

13 09 2008

Since long ago, I have been very vocal about supporting the Internal Security Act. But I am always against the usage of it for political purposes. I respect the views of friends whom are against the so call draconian law. I share the sorrow of the families of those Malaysians who are

detained under ISA.

ISA is a good answer as a preventive measure. A person should be charge under ISA if he is deems dangerous and his action or idea can damage the society and the country. He is not a criminal. He has yet to commit a crime. Nevertheless, if he is allowed to continue to roam freely, terrible things can happen.

But, if a citizen had committed the crime, he or she should be charge under the correct law for the crime that he did. It is no more an issue about preventing him to commit the crime. If crime happened, the authority should be able to prove it and all the evidence should point to the suspect. He meanwhile is protect under the constitution and is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

My personal view about the latest happening is this is no more a preventive move but rather a defensive move by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As Malaysian, we should stand for what best for the country, even if it means that the usage of ISA is seek upon.

Stand for what best for Malaysia, not for what best for Abdullah, his family and comrades.

Malaysia had last week arrested a blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today, an opposition Member of Parliament Theresa Kok and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng who reported on the racist remarks of Umno MP Ahmad Ismail. Tan was released within 20 hours and the government kept issuing contradicting statements as to why they arrested her and why they released her after so short a period.

This is against the backdrop of Anwar Ibrahim threatening to take power from the Government by getting 31 MPs to defect to his camp.

Anwar has so far been playing a cat and mouse game with Prime Minister Ahmad Badawi, saying he will release the names after he meets Badawi. of course Badawi is not meeting him and will not do so if he can help it.

The latest arrest adds to the general confusion and anxiety in Malaysia as the present government tries to find its way our of the rut it is in and try to regain the political control they have been losing since before the General Elections. It looks like the government is now on its last legs, tottering and drunk from confusion, reacting to things rather than having a plan. It is succumbing to chaos and therefore not being very rational at all.

What ar malaysians to do? Wait and chip away at the foundations till this tired government falls. Then they’d probably have to battle Anwar when he gets to power and show his true colors. Unspun thinks Malaysia is in for prolonged hard times.

My love for the Guardian Angel of Malaysia will remain.

Operasi Lalang II?

So far three people have been arrested under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act.More are expected. Three newspapers have also been handed show cause letters. The last time the Malaysian Government cracked down in this manner was Operasi Lalang in 1987,

Anwar, who’s said he intends to take power by getting MPs to switch to the opposition, must be a real threat to them.

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Teresa Kok arrested under ISA too

Seputih MP and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok has just been nabbed under the ISA, making her the third person to be arrested under the ISA today. More details to come.

Sin Chew reporter nabbed under ISA

Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, who wrote about Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks, has been arrested. She was picked up by police at her Bukit Mertajam home at about 8.30pm and it is now confirmed that she has been arrested under the ISA. The Universiti Sains Malaysia mass communication graduate has worked in the newspaper for the past nine years. Her arrest has shocked the press fratenity as even in 1987, during the Operasi Lallang mass arrests, not a single journalist was arrested. The National Union of Journalists then was assured by the authorities that no reporter would be arrested.
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Blog ban a sign of a more deperate Malaysian government?

They say if all you have is a hammer then all your problems start to look like nails.

So it is with the Malaysian government. With Anwar Ibrahim now beating at the gates the Badawi government has gotten more desperate.

First some low ranking lackey called Saiful was asked to try to frame Anwar by filing a police report of alleged sodomy. Then they tried all ways to win over Permatang Pauh, and failed. Now the Malaysian Government, through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has asked Malaysia’s internet service providers to block access to Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s blog, Malaysia Today.

It is an ill-calculated move because the messagethis move sends out is that the Malaysian Government is desperate and that it is now clutching at straws to try to regain control of the political situation. It is ill-calculated because in this day and age you can’t really ban blogs without having egg on your face. Even then it is so easy for bloggers to set up mirror sites, such as this one, that it makes the move an exercise in total folly.

So why is the Malaysian government so steadfast in their own Long march of Folly?

The reason, IMHO, is that they have been in power so long and created an incestuous system of patronage and servility that they know of no other way to handle dissent.

If they had any brains they would get in some really smart advisors and take on Raja Petra Kamaruddin rather than block his site and make a martyr out of him. It is not that hard to do. RPK is passionate but he is also given to exaggerations, overstatements and a cavalier treatement of facts.

It would not take much from a professional to debunk what he says. And if the government can do that they would have merely a discredited discontent on their hands, rather than the martyred blogger, angry and a symbol of defiance against a government unable to restore control in their own country.

Wake up UMNO. The bells are tolling and they toll for you.