The Blogger, the Crowd, and the Prime Minister

One of the early promises of the Net was its ability to democratise, to level the playing field. Then the Net became ubiquitious, Facebook and others let the barbarians and trolls in to play and many of us got disenchanted with it. So it is particularly heartening then to read about the power of the […]

A cautionary tale for expats in Asia

Don’t shit where you live and work sounds like common sense. We all now, however, that common sense is not common. But when this surfeit is combined with the sensitivity of a prat, the mixture is disastrous. Take the case of Anton Casey, a well-heeled expat banker in Singapore, who has been raising heckles in […]

Who let the dogs out?

The phrase “dog in the manger” comes to mind. Rp 64 trillion investment could have helped cushion the Rupiah’s fall and checked some capital flight, reassuring investors that Indonesia is a good place to do business. And what for? Sabre rattling? National pride?   Bank Mandiri Says Indonesia Attractive as DBS Takeover Scuttled – The […]

Inside the mind of the self-censors

Unspun‘s often wondered what makes a self-perceived journalist want to be a practicing journalist in Singapore or Malaysia today, when you know before you plunge in that you will have to self-censor or be censored. Why go in to the lion’s den and then after that complain about the nature of the lion? Is it […]

In a haze over forest fires

“What we know is that there are several foreign investors from Singapore involved. But we can’t just blame them for this since we still need to investigate this further,” said Hadi Daryanto, a senior official at Indonesia’s Forestry Ministry. In this age of satellite imagery what further investigation is needed to zoom in on the […]

A bypass in life II – the second and third opinion

The adventures of Unspun’s heart problems…continued from A bypass in life – the discovery. Speaking with a friend in Singapore I also learned of another blogger with a heart problem. He’s none other than Singapore’s Khaw Boon Wan who apparently also, like Unspun, showed almost no symptoms of heart disease yet had to undergo a […]

Sexually responsible Singaporean ham sap loh*s?

clipped from Force for good in Sinagpore Singapore wants its citizens to take more responsibility for their sexual behaviour, Bloomberg reports. “We’re trying to find a way essentially to ask them to be responsible for their own actions,” said Koh Peng Keng, the Health Ministry’s senior director of operations.” “Them”, in this case, is […]