Revver’s Starr on FLOW, Bali

Maverick Network caught up with Steven Starr the co-founder of Revver last week found out what he has been up to in Bali and Jakarta, his impressions from a dinner with Indonesia’s top bloggers and web start-up entrepreneurs and his desire to come to Pesta Blogger 2009. more about “Revver’s Starr on FLOW, Bali“, postedContinue reading “Revver’s Starr on FLOW, Bali”

How to moneti$e your video?

Unspun, together with better people such as Nukman, Enda, Iman,¬† Ndoro and others have been invited to a dinner¬† with Steven Starr, one of the key figures behind Revver, a videocast site that shares its revenue with its creators and one of the few good examples of how people can monetize the web. According toContinue reading “How to moneti$e your video?”