Amazing Grace and the Balinese Gigolos

The Balinese authorities have got it all wrong where it comes to the hooha over the news documentary Cowboys in Paradise, about the Kuta Cowboys, gigolos selling their services to foreign women tourists. Instead of getting angry with Singapore-based director Amit Virmani for allegedly besmirching the island’s reputation, they should instead thank Amit for restoring […]

Barry Obama’s extremely enviable classmates

Unspun is so jealous! While others are blessed with memory that would put an elephant to shame, Unspun has trouble remembering where he put the car keys each day. Among the Blessed are Barrack Obama’s former classmates in Menteng because not only did they manage to go to an elite school and got to school […]

Aussie unions getting shitty over rolls

Maybe time for a campaign for patriotic assholes Down Under? Australian Workers Union Angry Over Cheap Indonesian Toilet Paper A large Australian workers union has written to the federal government threatening to launch a full-scale campaign over cheap toilet roll imports from Indonesia and China. The union, known as the CFMEU, says that a large […]

When its OK not to register your marriage and marry more than one wife, or three

Unspun was trying to unspin what the Minister for Religion had to say about unregistered marriages, polygamy and the law and ended up in a knot instead. A minister that considers something illegal legal from the religious standpoint, legal registration of marriages not being encouraged…what is going on with this guy? Can someone please help […]

The misconceptions about men, women and HIV

Here’s one to challenge your preconceptions about men, women, sex and HIV by Wisdom of Whores author Elizabeth Pisani. This should be food for thought, especially for the gender champions who tend to think that education and empowerment would solve much of society’s ills and reduce the rate of HIV infections. Men are pigs, women […]

Why Western men like slutty looking Asian women: the sequel

The age-old enigma of the attraction of pembantu looking women to Bule men once again gets an airing in the Indonesian blogosphere. This was an question that Unspun tried to deal with quite some time ago (see this link) but till this day puzzles observers as to why relatively well-off and sometimes even good-looking bule […]

Parents, Sex Predators and Children on Facebook

Hurrah for the parents trying to protect their children from sex offenders on the Net. But the question that needs to be asked is: were the parents negligent in the first place in allowing their children to open Facebook accounts in the first place? Unspun‘s met many parents who speak with great pride of the […]