It all adds up

Malaysians were aghast when they learned that Sufiah Yusof, Malaysia’s child maths genius who was accepted at Oxford when she was 12 had turned into a hooker.

Unspun‘s usually unreliable, and late, sources now tell of a move by top government officials to help her manager her sex overdrive. They’ve pointed Unspun to an unattributed news report being quoted in this newsgroup that Unspun, in all his naivity, innocence and trusting nature thinks is true:

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 – Malaysian ministers, deputy
ministers, and other bureaucrats are making a beeline
to London to help maths-genius-turned-hooker, Sufiah,
with her high sex drive.

The former and current Ministers of Health have
released a joint statement saying, “We believe that we
can understand Sufiah’s positions better and, maybe,
let her know our positions as well by having a
face-to-face meeting with her. We understand that sex
is essential to good health and as the current and
former health ministers, we believe that no one can
provide Sufiah with better health education. Anyway, a
high sex drive is not uncommon and we look forward to
helping Sufiah with her problem, together, if

The Education Minister and his cousin, the DPM, are
also traveling to London to meet Sufiah.
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