The one Suharto analysis you should read

Unspun has not hig regard for the FEER but thinks highly of Jeremy Wagstaff, a former correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal and now a tech columnist, a blogger and an author to boot. In the analytical piece below you will see why. Way before he reinvented himself into a tech columnist Jeremy was […]

Suharto the escape artist — or his detractors ineffective nags?

There are many Indonesians now who feel cheated that Suharto has gone to meet his maker before he could be held to account for his transgressions. They are the type who would recall misdeeds perpetrated on themselves, their friends or their relatives from years ago. Fair enough. It looks like Suharto has managed to evade […]

Suharto’s death: why the surprise?

Why is it that Death always seems to either surprise, shock, and sadden people into reverence?For an alternative attitude about Death visit here. clipped from Indonesia ex-leader Suharto dies Indonesian ex-leader Suharto, 86, has died after suffering multiple organ failure for the second time this month. He died at 1310 (0610 GMT) after slipping […]

What of the Cendana family after Suharto?

Unspun was trying to call an old friend in the wire services tonight and couldn’t get him. When he returned the call the first thing he said was: “Suharto is dying.”All night tonight reporters have been staking out the hospital where Suharto is being treated as news of his faltering condition begans to spread. This […]