Time to move on from #kitatidaktakut and other hashtags?

There was a time when Unspun would have reacted to events like last Thursday’s terrorist attack with, among other things, a hashtag, either to show defiance, sympathy or solidarity. Unspun had felt like he was doing something about the situation, taking action and being part of something larger than himself. Lately, however, Unspun seems to haveContinue reading “Time to move on from #kitatidaktakut and other hashtags?”

Boston and the Three Rs of crisis management and of terrorism

Early in life we are taught the three Rs – Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic – as indispensible to getting on in life. There are at least another two Three R’s out there to help us navigate a tumultour world. One of them is the Three R’s of Crisis Communications. Crisis Managers are taught that whenContinue reading “Boston and the Three Rs of crisis management and of terrorism”

Indonesia Confiscates Explosives at Sea – The Jakarta Globe

Now that Nordin Top is out of the way, who could possibly be behind this shipment? Indonesia Confiscates Explosives at Sea Officials say they have confiscated 75 tons of an explosive material being shipped from Malaysia to Indonesia and are investigating possible links to terrorism. Customs official Nasar Salim says the ammonium nitrate was foundContinue reading “Indonesia Confiscates Explosives at Sea – The Jakarta Globe”

I thaw 10,000 fathes in a thea of red and white

A few days ago Unspun, and Anita Mackay in our respective blogs, asked what next after #indonesiaunite, at that stage a Twitter movement comprising of Indonesian Twitterers changing their avatars to red and white themes and using the hashtag #indonesiaunite. Today, a group calling themselves The Twibbon Team responded with a website with this visualContinue reading “I thaw 10,000 fathes in a thea of red and white”

What comes after Indonesia Unite?

Unspun can understand and empathize with the seeming act of solidarity and defiance in the face of the Jakarta bombings with the Indonesia Unite movement, where Twitterers and Facebookers daub their avatars in red and white, the colors of the Indonesian flag. At the same time Unspun thinks that Anita has raised an important questionContinue reading “What comes after Indonesia Unite?”