TIMPs are the new BRICs?

An intriguing piece by a Reuters columnist that posts the theory that BRICs have had their day and it is now the turn of the TIMPs – Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico , Philippines.     COLUMN-BRICs, move over. TIMPs are the new emerging market stars – RTRS 28-Mar-2013 19:30 (The author is a Reuters contributor. The […]

Visually immersed at the Argos in Cappadocia

Unspun‘s been in many hotels, even the ones he can’t afford. Usually he and a few of his cheapskate friends would go there for tea and ask to see the rooms. The Aman and other resorts and fallen prey to such cheapskatery. But of all the hotels Unspun’s seen none has been so captivating and […]