Trending Topics Exposed

I remember a colleague coming up to me with pride in his voice, saying that we managed to get our event last night on the Trending Topic of Twitter. I applauded his enthusiasm but then asked him what did it mean for our company and the event? He couldn’t really explain, apart from saying that […]

Indonesian Minister’s morbid tweets about Hitler

Whatever he is, Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring isn’t boring, especially when it comes to Tweeting, which he or a team that he hires, does with religious regularity. Of late, however, @tifsembiring’s tweets have taken a strange, some say morbid turn. He’s taken to Tweeting about Adolf Hitler, you know that guy who killed […]

How a cinema blitzed its critics with social media

The Alter Ego has written a piece in Talking Points about how Blitz Megaplex is using social media to successfully engage its audiences and critics instead of pumping out marketing messages and organizing inane contests on the Web. See here

Strange tune: Unknown 1960s Russian singer makes it big among Indonesian onliners

Why is the Indonesian online community paying undue attention to this 1960s Russian singer who, in this very aged clip, sings with a wooden face with lyrics no profounder than trolololololo? Find out how and why this video became viral in Indonesia’s Twitterverse in Talking Points.

Getting Lunatic over infotainment journos

Apart from the fact that Luna Maya is probably justified to vent her anger at Indonesia’s equivalent to the paparazzi , Unspun‘s always wondered why those reporters are called infotainment journalists. Why infotainment? The cover the entertainment so shouldn’t they be called entertainment journalists? Unspun wonders what’s the etymology of infotainment. How did that word […]

A more reliable Indonesia blog ranking system?

Following some discussions in Media-ide and Talking Points about Indonesia’s blog rankings, Patung promised that he would address some of the criticisms in Indonesia Matters‘ blog rankings, which, imperfect as it was, was still the best indicator of a blog’s influence in the Indonesian blogosphere. Patung‘s made good his promise and the main difference seems […]

Teachers are doing it for themselves – on the Net

How do you help increase the quality of education in Indonesia? Well, if you’re Citibank, (disclosure: they are our clients and we helped in this project) one way is to help set up a forum where teachers can help themselves, learn from each other and discus ideas. And this was what Citi did in conjunction […]

The plugged, in Twittering new Indonesian Information Minister

The new Information and Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring is an interesting politician if nothing else. He was officially appointed to his post two days before Pesta Blogger on 24 October. When the Pesta Blogger committee met we discussed whether to invite him and many of us thought that he would be too busy to attend […]

What happens at Twitter parties?

What happens at Twitter parties, let along Indonesia’s “first” Twitter party? The rumbustious New Media Division of Maverick went there to find out and this is their report: “is currently at @hardrockfm’s #twitterparty” Aug 13, 2009 – This post is filed under Indonesian, Social Media, Trends Oleh: Nena Brodjonegoro Sekitar 3 hari yang lalu tweeps […]