Is Trump the best thing to happen to America, and the World?

This idea, like Trump himself, seems preposterous. Here is a man who violates all form of political correctness, a racist, a misogynist, a racist, a pussy grabber....and the lost of deplorables goes on. As a result most people around the world, let alone Americans, woke up with the shit!-was-I-so-wasted-I-went-to-bed-with-THAT! expression the morning after the November 8... Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney: US moved Indonesia toward modernity in the 1960s. Yeah, right.

Educated Americans, that minor part of the US's population that holds a passport and use them to travel abroad and learn a thing or two about other lands, must be so embarassed by their Republican Presidential candidates. Check out, for example, Romney's claim that the US helped Indonesia to move toward modernity in the 1960s.... Continue Reading →

Indonesia the poster child of what new media can do?

This should help to dispel the misguided notion that the neighbor up north is the poster child of the "transformative powers" of New Media. US Under Secretary Maria Otero met with some bloggers last  Wednesday and here sizes up the contribution that Indonesian bloggers and onliners provide to the country and the region. Hmmm. Wonder... Continue Reading →

Would you want to stay in the US if you’re a Muslim?

The US Embassy in Jakarta has, since its early days of cooperation with Pesta Blogger in 2007,  plunged into social media with a zeal that only Americans can have. Its Facebook page, for instance, has nearly 24,500 fans and its latest initiative is to use its Facebook fan base together with its ties with Kompas... Continue Reading →

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