Misplaced nationalism

Mulling retaliation? Wouldn’t the energy be better spent fixing the chronic problems of the Indonesian aviation industry rather than being in denial?
clipped from thejakartapost.com

RI mulls air ban retaliation

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The European Commission decided Wednesday to ban all Indonesian airlines, including national flag carrier Garuda Nusantara, from the 27-nation bloc.

In response, the Indonesian government, while regretting the ban, warned of possible retaliation if the EC refuses to hold talks on the issue.

The ban, taken as a follow-up to recent recommendations by a committee of air safety experts, will officially take effect on July 6, Reuters reported from Brussels.

The recommendations came last week following a string of deadly crashes in Indonesia over the past years, which put the government’s ability to provide and monitor adequate safety assurances in the aviation industry under serious question.

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3 thoughts on “Misplaced nationalism

  1. “… rather than being in denial?”

    Heeey, that’s Indonesian way doing things! There is NO other better way!


  2. Apparently the “retaliation” being considered is to ban Indonesians from flying on European airlines (presumably from Indonesian territory).

    I bet the Europeans are quaking with fear….


  3. Oh come on, it’s just what we Indonesians say as “gertak sambal” (poker facing). Banning Indonesian on flying European airlines? With KLM, Air France and Malaysian Air now partner, will they ban MA as well? Ban Euroepans coming to Indonesia? Puhleeze…
    Might as well give a spanking to the Indo airline industry to know that the they mean business. Political considerations aside, I’m actually relieved this finally got the international attention it deserved.


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