Will PR be more or less relevant in the age of AI Rising?

One of the questions PR professionals are wrestling with is whether our profession will be more or less important as Artificial Intelligence gains further ground. AI can already perform many tasks traditionally assigned to PR professionals and with time it will get better and be able to more things. AI, however, is not AGI -... Continue Reading →

Jesus, critical thinking and public relations

A question that I ask that gets attention whenever I teach Critical Thinking at my workplace is what was Jesus Christ's most likely appearance. Would he have looked swarthy and middle-eastern like the image on the left, or fair-skinned, with aquiline nose and Caucasian? Inevitably, there's be quite a few people (sometimes in the majority)... Continue Reading →

The dangers of deductive thinking to solve the Rafael Trisambodo problem

At the place where I work, we make sure that every PR consultant is familiar with Systems Thinking. Why? Because the world is complex and interconnected and deductive thinking usually addresses the symptoms and not the cure. Deductive thinking assumes that the world is a simple place. When problems crop up, find an immediate solution... Continue Reading →

Russians a satisfying, easy but not strategic target

The Russians in Bali have come under siege. Shortly after an outcry by Indonesian netizens after some Russians had the temerity to complain to the authorities about the crowing of roosters in the morning, photos of Russian-owned motorcycles and luxury cars with customised and totally illegal number plates began to surface on social media. One... Continue Reading →

Why Rafael and son Mario may be the best thing to happen to Sri Mulyani

We all know Sri Mulyani. She is one of the very few very capable Ministers and a person of impeccable integrity. On taking office she has strived to professionalize the Finance Ministry and today it is one of the best Ministries in Indonesia. It is no easy feat because the culture of corruption, entitlement and... Continue Reading →

The Kanjuruhan football tragedy and the government’s miscommunication

Things happen and they do so not in black and white. There are reasons and counter reasons as to why things happen that will be unveiled only by time and careful investigations. Some things can be disputed. Were police and military provoked into using force by rowdy football fans? There was certainly some provocation, if... Continue Reading →

Why Bjorka should worry the Government

The danger of hacker Bjorka to the Government lies not in the information he purportedly hacked and leaked. The danger comes from the reaction of Indonesian netizens to any news or posts about Bjorka’s antics. Bjorka Check out Twitter and other social media news feeds and typical reactions are support for Bjorka and criticism of... Continue Reading →

Tone deaf, in a very black and white way

Comments that in most societies would leave the audience aghast get a laugh and applause in Indonesia. Even when a member of the audience is the President of Indonesia himself. PDIP Matriach Megawati, when addressing her party’s convention first took issue with Tukang Bakso (meatball vendors). She said she told her daughter Puan not to... Continue Reading →

Who can speak for the G20 spokesperson?

What qualities, skills and experience do you need to be an effective spokesperson? For chair of the G20 Summit Indonesia all that's needed to become the spokesperson for this prestigious event is evidently looks, youth, pop iconicity and privileged education. Credit: Facebook The appointee, 27-year old Maudy Ayunda has a plenty in the looks department... Continue Reading →

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