Russians a satisfying, easy but not strategic target

The Russians in Bali have come under siege.

Shortly after an outcry by Indonesian netizens after some Russians had the temerity to complain to the authorities about the crowing of roosters in the morning, photos of Russian-owned motorcycles and luxury cars with customised and totally illegal number plates began to surface on social media.

One of those leading the anti-Russian-in-Bali charge seems to be alternative media @nuicemedia. They posted this on March 4.

What followed is some vigilante action by the locals.

Nobody likes a show off and arguably the Russians deserve an outing. They now seem to be on the run.

But who’s the bigger culprit here, really?

The Russians who are insensitive to local resentment and can’t help showing off?

Or the police who do not seem to have done anything to enforce the law? If anything needs to be changed it is to get the police to do their jobs. Russians come, Russians go but we are saddled with this police force.

Why aren’t more people expressing their unhappiness about the police?

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