Law enforcement is child’s play in Indonesia

Doesn’t this make you feel so frustrated and angry with the police? The same guys who look the other way when angkot stop in the middle of the road? The same guys who try to extort you when you file a stolen car report so you can claim from insurance? The same guys who make traffic jams worse when they are on duty directing traffic? The same guys who can’t give a flying toss how bad the traffic is but how to shake down a violator for bribes? The same guys who cannot catch a tycoon even if they were standing in front of them doing a poco poco dance?

Yet they are the same guys who are ever so efficient at bringing some kids out for some harmless fun to book? WTF is going on?

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Three of the boys arrested for gambling. (Photo: Antara)

Three of the boys arrested for gambling. (Photo: Antara)

Gambling Kids Found Guilty, Lawyer to Appeal

A group of 10 children were found guilty of controversial gambling charges by Tangerang prosecutors on Monday, but have been freed from detention and returned to their parents.
The lawyer representing the children said she will appeal the decision.
The third hearing for the children, aged between 10 and 14, was held Monday at the Tangerang District Court. The children were arrested on May 29 in a parking area at
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and have been held in detention
for more than a month. Police said the children were placing Rp 1,000
(10 cents) bets on coin tosses.
Prior to Monday’s hearing, Kristin Tambunan, the childrens’ lawyer from Public Legal Aid, said she hoped they would be acquitted.
“This is not even a case. This is only a bunch of kids tossing coins for fun, just to fill the time,” Tambunan said last week. “Since when is playing a crime?”
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  1. in my country, indonesia:
    policing moral: easy (we’ve got porn bill)
    policing having fun children: easy (we’ve got model policemen in bandara sukarno hatta)
    policing what a girl should or should not wear: easy (we’ve got various shariah by laws)
    policing bureaucratic ethic: difficult (if you can make it difficult for ordinary people why do you have to make their day)
    policing undelivered promises during the political campaigns: difficult (promises are made to be broken, indonesians are forgetful)
    policing illegal extortion suffered by supir angkot at every junction in my city: difficult (the in-charge authorities have their dirty hands in that enterprise so the preman-of-the-simpang-jalan always feel safe in executing their job)

    you know what the supir angkot told me: kita belum merdeka!


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