Question (and possible action) for Indonesian communicators

Unspun’s Alterego posted this in the Maverick Network blog.

Its a simple proposition: Would PR practitioners like to get together in a constructive way so that we can collectively increase the standards of this industry in Indonesia?

Unspun’s aware of many futile attempts to get PR people together but here’s for want of trying.

I think it is a good idea to get PR consultants and in house PR practitioners together to raise the game. This is something that we need to do for our industry and I’d welcome collaboration, even with competing firms.

Would love to hear opinions and suggestions on this subject.

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March 23, 2009

Time the Indonesian PR industry got its act together?

by: Ong
Is it time that we, as practitioners in the PR industry in Indonesia, really got together to collectively up our game?
The need has always been there but the PR industry in Indonesia has always been individualistic and tended to go their own way rather than to come together.
The few attempts at bringing the PR industry have faltered primarily because of factional rivalry, vested interests and arrogance. The one or two organizations that… Read more…

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