Jakarta’s most respected journalists?

Who are the most respected journalists in Jakarta?

Unspun supposes that the answer depends on who you ask. It’s always a bit of of a risk that you’d be accused of hyperbole or favoritism, or causing others to feel hurt when you use superlatives, but the Brits have shown their resolve with a clear pronouncement of who they think are the most respected.

They are Karishma Veswani from the BBC, Helen Brown from ABC, Bhimanto Suwasto from The jakarta Globe and Joe Cochrane from the International Herald Tribune.

Whether you agree with the Brits, the session should be an interesting one.


2 thoughts on “Jakarta’s most respected journalists?

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  1. Knowing the four, I’d say the description is warranted (though it should perhaps be modified to “most respected foreign journalists” in the case of three of them). Also worth noting the classic “of the” formulation, that avoids a commitment to them being the four “most respected”.


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