Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes

Here’s a piece I wrote in Maverick’s blog today:

Sony’s The Interview saga: What a difference a pro makes

You know the story by now. Sony was supposed to release the movie The Interview, a satire of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un over the Christmas holidays.

But following a cyber attack, almost certainly by North Koreans, in which troves of Sony data and email was released to the public, and sinister threats about the safety of moviegoers if the movie was shown in cinemas, Sony pulled The Interview.

They have been roundly criticised since, including by no less the President of the US, Barrack Obama, for pulling The Interview.

You could say that Sony was facing a crisis.

So what does Sony do?

They called in the pros in crisis management.

In this case it hired Judy Smith, who worked as a deputy press secretary to President George H.W. Bush before starting her own crisis management firm, Smith & Company, that Business Insider says is “one of the premiere crisis management firms in the country.”

Judy Smith, insiration to the TV series Olivia Pope


What has she done?…read more here

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