The talk about Chinese-Malay participation in Bersih 4

As a Malaysian who has lived overseas for most of his adult life, the last two decades spent in Indonesia, Unspun cannot help but marvel at the racial divide in Malaysia, even during a unifying event such as Bersih 4, that took place over this weekend. For those not familar with Malaysian politics Bersih 4 is... Continue Reading →

Kompas berated by Malaysians experts

Ouch! This must hurt. The grand old Kompas being lectured by observers and "experts" via a newspaper from a country with no press freedom. For the background to this story, read my previous post. Also read the comments here for more Malaysian views about Kompas's apology to Najib. Kompas perlu berwaspada tidak cemarkan etika kewartawanan... Continue Reading →

Kompas’ strange apology to Malaysian PM Najib Razak

In Indonesia Kompas is the most respected newspaper in the land. It has the highest circulation (observers put it at about 500,000 but its difficult to tell as no paper is subjected to the Audit Bureau of Circulation here). It is very conservative and very careful about what it writes, so much so that sometimes... Continue Reading →

Did APCO deliver the goods to Najib et al? Here’s how to find out

Unspun learned about the article below in Malaysian Insider from Opah. Its a nice piece of business for APCO and while the Opposition in Malaysia were right to query about the amount paid, they are asking the wrong questions. Any successful public relations effort ultimately changes one or more of three things: awareness, attitude and... Continue Reading →

APCO clinches job to make Najib et al look good

Interesting news about APCO winning the PA/PR contract with the Malaysian Government (see extract below). The question, raised here between Unspun and Kay Peng (who still hasn't released my comment in his blog), is whether anything can be done to improve the image of Najib and the Malaysian government, regardless of how good, experienced or... Continue Reading →

Perak Fiasco: What do you do when people are networked and the world is watching?

If your action must be drastic, do it in one fell swoop, not in agonizing stages Thus Machiavelli advised would be rulers. If Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had taken Machiavelli's advice then he would not have just forcibly ejected the Speaker from the Perak State Assembly and arrested a few other people. He... Continue Reading →

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