Adam Air whitewashing troubled plane? today reports that the Administrator of Juanda airport in Surabaya, where the fuselage of Adam Air Flight KI 172 cracked after it had to come in for a hard landing, says that the carrier may be trying to destroy or mess with the evidence in their investigation into the mishap (Thanks reader Yodee for pointing out Adam Air’s change of colors).

The plane, a Boeing 737-300, was stowed in the hangar after the incident pending investigations. But overnight someone had painted the entire plane white, obliterating the Adam Air colors of orange and its logo.

Meanwhile, at Adam Air’s website it’s business as usual. The carrier that CEO Gunawan Suherman said wasn’t a low-cost carrier but a boutique airline is happily boasting of its award as a low cost carrier of the year by the Center of Asia Pacific Aviation in a press release with bad se: AdamAir Was Awarded as Low Cost Airline of the Year 2006 and even a visual of the certificate:


Shouldn’t some enterprising journalist ask the Center of Asia Pacific Aviation how in the world did it give Adam Air the award?

5 thoughts on “Adam Air whitewashing troubled plane?

  1. Achmad: Let this be a lesson to you that childish behavior begets childish behavior.

    Unspun has been aware of Ringo (or a number of his aliases Dingo, Poncho, Honcho) spamming this site. But as with most childish behavior benign neglect is the best treatment as Unspun diligently erases Ringo’s spams.

    Ringo, who’s IP address suggests he hails from Milton in Queensland, Australia, like all exhibitors of childish behavior should get tired of spamming when his short attention span ends. But if he persists then Unspun will have to report the abuse.

    In the meantime, all readers please ignore Ringo or his other aliases’ spams in the hope that he’ll just go away, rather than flattering Unspun with all this attention.


  2. Indeed, Unspun, I must concede your wisdom yet again. Now I am faced with the disconcerting existential challenge of ignoring myself !?!. As a devout Muslim (I converted back), I’m just not cut out for these Zen challenges. (Whenever I write Haiki it comes out sounding like Dangdut), but I felt a bit guilty because it seems to have been me that brought this spammer onto your respectable and (mostly) serious Blog. In the meantime, the internet offers limited space for wild cyber-stallions like me to roam free, most recently on my newly-relaunced Blog where I counter the shocking rumours about me in a sex scandal with a Dangdut singer !
    Peace, Achmad.


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