The Naked Truth about Advertising

Remember Fletcher Reede, that character played by Jim Carrey in the movie Liar, Liar?

Fletcher was a lawyer and therefore trapped in a profession highly allergic to the truth. But because of his son’s birthday wish was compelled to speak the naked truth.

Advertising is also a profession that is highly allergic to the truth, and some would say also of logic. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were all condemned to speak the truth like Fletcher Reede?

Well, a company, Naked, has turned the profession on its head and is offering clients some good old-fashion truth and honest logical advice for a change. And guess what? They are making tons of money. About time, says Unspun.

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NEW YORK: It takes a bit of courage, and perhaps a lot of ego, to tell large companies that their ad campaigns have been failing miserably.

But that’s exactly what the advertising firm Naked claims to do regularly.

“We get up in front of a group of agencies and tell them, very nicely, that they have wasted tens of millions of dollars,” said Ben Richards, senior strategist at Naked New York.

For that advice, of course, Naked hopes to earn a chunk of the supposedly wasted money. The company specializes in helping clients select the right balance of media for its message – shifting, perhaps, away from television and toward the Internet, or maybe in other directions.

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One thought on “The Naked Truth about Advertising

  1. Nothing is safe from the pen (or in this case the keyboard) of Unspun!

    As a lawyer I am offended by the characterization of “Fletcher was a lawyer and therefore trapped in a profession highly allergic to the truth.” Lawyers are bound by the ethical rules of their profession and lying is one of the prohibitions…

    Just kidding on the offended part though as lawyers are and have always been deemed to be fudgers of the truth. However, I prefer the characterization that lawyers are manipulators (in as positive a sense as manipulation can be spun) of the law to the best interests of their clients 🙂

    Imagine if we were bound or compelled to tell the truth not just in the corporate or legal worlds but everywhere. Would the world be a better or worse place?

    Imagine some of the white lies told in the world throughout history to keep the peace either on a world scale or a domestic scale?


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