Umno letting loose the blogs of war?

When will they learn that technology changes nothing except that it helps you reach more people, faster, and with less expense?

Umno’s problem, alas, is not one of logistics but of credibility. Unless the party members change the way they think, come off their high horse and genuinely engage their intended readers and voters, all the blogs in the world won’t help but rather hurt them.

Gautama would have said that you needed the right intention and right thought to accompany your right action, otherwise it oesn’t count.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Some candidates for posts in Malaysia‘s ruling party will be required to set up blogs, an official said Friday, a turnaround for governing politicians who had derided online politicking.
Abdul Rahman Dahlan, secretary general of the United Malays National Organization party’s youth wing, said all those vying for national youth posts must have blogs to introduce themselves and their programs ahead of party elections in December.
It was not known if any senior leaders of the party will also start blogs to emulate opposition Democratic Action Party leader Lim Kit Siang, who has a popular Web journal.
But the decision appeared aimed at countering heavy losses that the ruling National Front coalition suffered in last month’s general elections, partly because they underestimated the power of online campaigning. The United Malays National Party dominates the coalition.
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3 thoughts on “Umno letting loose the blogs of war?

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  1. Why is it the DAP can do it, and not Umno? Let them do it. After all this is a free country. It is also not correct to say that Lit Kit Siangs blog is popular. That blog is hated by the Malays and Pas supporters.


  2. @Afandi: Everbody can do it but not everyone will succeed. The point here is not that Kit Siang is a good blogger – he’s pretty awful and so is his politics. His party “won” in the General Elections not because of how good he was but because people were fed up with Umno and the Barisan Nasional.

    The problem with Umno is that they have become arrogant and insular. They are interested in only enriching themselves rather than work for the country. Unless they have a change of mind and purpose, they would not reconnect with the people – either through blogs or any other piece opf technology to come around.


  3. It’s sad to see that BN politicians are still looking at things which do not matter.They are still in the denial stage and fail to see the root of the problem.Maybe in the next election,they will be in our history book.

    I’m not going against taking a little bit incentives while performing their work for the people.But they must also deliver their promises.Jangan Ingat Makan Saje.

    Rakyat are not stupid.They see what is happening but they keep on giving chances to BN because during Mahathir’s time,our country was prospering well ! The majority is rich, FDI is growing and the majority is partying every nite.

    There were some manipulations in all elections even during Mahathir’s time.But for the current election,BN really screwed up big time.MCA and MIC are in the ICU,while BN is in operation room.Maybe it’s time for Anwar to come back.

    What happen if Najib become our PM? A man who can bomb a pregnant woman into pieces can also bomb his civilians.It’s sad to see weak and dirty leadership.If the politicians are smart and honest,then the country will benefit.If they are smart and bad,then the country will go into the dumpster.M’sia ‘s ringgit maybe worth less than rupiah.And we might have to become their KULI.Be prepared my friends,if the politicians are too corrupted,it will happen !


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