What price medical care?

Went to the doctors because Unspun was limping today with a toe infection. At SOS in Cepete Unspun was escorted to the children’s section where the doctor gave Unspun‘s toe a 3-nanoseconds once over and prescribed antibiotics and some antiseptic cream and hurried Unspun to the cashier.

There Unspun almost fainted when he received the bill which came up to a whopping Rp779,500. The breakdown?

1. Consultation                    Rp248,000

2. Garamycine Ointment       Rp 81,700

3. Spaxim 100Mg tabs X20   Rp401,000

4. 10% VAT                            Rp 48,273.

Which brings up the total to Rp779,500. All for a simple toe infection.

There is something very wrong with how SOS charges people here. I think tomorrow Unspun‘ll go find out how much the medicine would cost in a pharmacy. Can one report them to the Consumer’s Association if they had marked up the prices of medicines excessively? What would constitute excessive markup? 20%, 50%, 100%? What’s the norm in other countries?

3 replies to “What price medical care?

  1. Wooot?! Consultation and medicine, a great combo. When I took my girlfriend to a hospital here in Jogja, I was a little bit surprised seeing the numbers. It was less than 700K, but still we felt that it was too much. Dunno..


  2. Ong,
    I don’t think that VAT should apply to those kind of services. 10%?
    Better for you to go to shaman instead, just prepare rice and a pack of coffee eh?


  3. Was it an infected ingrown toenail or a toe fungus gone bad? Here, it’ll cost about $36 for an office call (consultation) if it’s a quick 10 min visit. But of course, depends on your insurance, you don’t have to pay all that much. Antibiotic prescription you could get and pay at the pharmacy. No mark up, but heck yes… expensive.


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