Indonesian Navy almost clashed with Malaysian counterpart?

This is pretty serious if true. The Jakarta Globe front page lead, however, did not contain any comments from the Malaysian side. Don’t they have to get two sides of the story for allegations as serious as this?
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Navy Was Set To Fire on Warship

Surabaya. The Indonesian Navy has revealed that it was moments away from firing on a Malaysian warship that encroached deep into Indonesian territorial waters earlier this week, but called off the attack when the intruder retreated.
The latest incident highlights growing tensions in the disputed oil-rich waters of Ambalat in the border region between Malaysia and Indonesia in the Sulawesi Sea, with the Navy stating on Thursday that the Malaysian Navy and Marine Police had intruded into Indonesian waters at least nine times since the beginning of the year.
Lt. Col. Toni Syaiful, spokesman for the Navy’s Surabaya-based Eastern Fleet Command, said the Malaysian Fast Attack Craft Gun KD Yu-3508 vessel penetrated 12 nautical miles into Indonesian maritime territory at dawn on Monday, and called it the “worst incident” of its kind because Malaysian naval vessels previously only dared to intrude “several miles.”
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  1. Indonesia, khususnya SBY, terlalu sabar dan lembek terhadap provokasi-provokasi yang nyata-nyata telah melecehkan Indonesia di wilayah Ambalat ini .. Saya pribadi nggak bisa menyalahkan pihak Malaysia dengan provokasi-provokasi mereka sebab Malaysia melihat ketidak-tegasan posisi Indonesia sebagai “lampu hijau” atau “pembenaran”.

    Kalau SBY tetap “soft” seperti sekarang .. jangan harap gue pilih SBY-NO di pemilu pilpres nanti ..

    Not Guts .. No Glory


  2. I have a dream. Why not Malaysia & Indonesia form a federation. A federation called Malindo or Indomal?? Afterall, we share a “common” language which each other can understand, be it a Malay, Javanese, Bugis, Achenese, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Kadazan etc….


    1. Why should Malaysia forms a federation with Indon in where Malaysia is a more advancely developed and economically succesful compared to poor corrupted Indon counterparts.Even the Aceh and Papua New Guinea province wanted independece from the Indon…HAHA


    2. Malaysia may feel it advanced but remember, Malaysia is constanly under the danger of racial conflict, Malaysia is a thief, and a weak contry militarily (no combat ecperience)


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