Bolehsia’s religious apartheid for maids

In Malaysia the politicians have really nothing better to do but to think of things that would be considered really stupid by right thinking people.

Here’s another example of Bolehsia’s intellectual caliber of its politicians. Do Malaysians even realize that Indonesians do not even come close to them in anal-ity (is that a word?) when it comes to race/religion issues?

Does this mean that only non-Muslims abuse their maids?

clipped from
Muslims Maids Only For Muslim Families

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama)– Pas Youth has called on the government to set down a regulation that Muslim maids from Indonesia or other countries are allowed to work only for Muslim families and non-Muslim families be allowed only non-Muslim maids.
The movement’s chief, Nasrudin Hassan, in a statement today said the matter had been suggested several times by it as well as by several non-governmental organisations so that the issue of the denial of right to pray, fast, halal food, comfortable and clean dwelling, and fair wages could be resolved.
Nasrudin said if the problem was not resolved and allowed to persist it would sour ties between the peoples of Malaysia and Indonesia.
He cited several recent cases of abuse of Indonesian maids that led the Indonesian Minister for Human Resources and Transmigration, Erman Suparno, to suggest temporarily halting Indonesian maids coming to Malaysia
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7 thoughts on “Bolehsia’s religious apartheid for maids

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  1. Pak Ong,

    Coba dong sekali-kali kasih kabar yang menyegarkan dan membangun dari Bolehland ..

    Masak di Abad ke 21 nan modern ini … kita-kita masih melihat, mendengar dan menyaksikan praktek-praktek perbudakan, perdagangan manusia, rasisme, politisasi agama dan penyiksaan TKI/TKW yang secara langsung maupun tidak langsung disponsori dan dibiarkan oleh negara..

    Caapeeek deh !!!


  2. Hhahahhaha.. this is ridiculously funny!!!
    As if!!!!

    If only non-Muslims abuse maids, then the majority of people living in Saudi Arabia (and other Arab countries importing maids from Indonesia) must be non-Muslims as well!!!

    Bolehsia and Indonesia seem to be trying to outdo eachother when it comes to stupid and ridiculous stuff!


  3. yes, its the perception in Malaysia, that only non-Muslim Malaysian (read;ethnic Chinese) abuse Indonesian maids in Malaysia. past cases of abuse seems to indicate that. there is also that perception that ethnic Chinese in Malaysia are discriminated against in govt jobs and contracts.


  4. I’m not against this or that but I’m trying to see a balanced view.
    To be fair to Muslim, where in Malaysia the government controls the practices of Islam, eg. catching those Muslim eating in public view during Ramadhan, you should also publish the news about Chinese women against hiring maids from China.
    I don’t think their intention is to do with abuse but rather trying to protect the religion and at the same time to state their stand that if Chinese women are against Chinese maids, why not Malays state their stands too.


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