Time for a change

After mucking around for a few years with this blog it is time for a change. Why? People change, priorities change. Unspun is no exception and will now focus on what has been fascinating me for the past few years – the art and science of persuasion and how that relates to communications, which is what I do at work.

One of the things that I do with the team is also crisis management, which has everything to do with persuasion, and the ability to keep a cool head when control is slipping out of your hands. So from now on Unspun will write mainly about persuasion, communications, crisis management and only make occasional forays into politics and other subjects, then again when they mostly touch on persuasion and communications.

I suppose this will mean the loss of some readers and the gain of others. To those who have been faithful readers of this blog so far I remain humbled and grateful that there are people out there who appreciate these scratchings. But change is inevitable so let’s move on.

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