How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention – Maverick Indonesia

This is what I wrote for my office blog at Maverick

Photos of Zul and Jojo’s “graduation” – From Zul’s Facebook post

How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention – Maverick Indonesia

There was a time when we fretted about staff retention.

Like many others we adhered to the conventional wisdom that if you did everything right as an employer, then you’d have people working for you for a long time. Having people quit on you before they’ve served five years or more was an indication of bad management.

Not any more. These days we work on the basis that about 70 percent of the young professionals that we employ,  most of them being fresh graduates and coming into their first jobs,  will leave Maverick anywhere within 2 to five years – and this high turnover is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact we see this as something positive that will help us grow even more. let me explain.

You’ve heard about the Millennials and how they have different values from the older generation. They expect quick successes, they are taken up by causes and wanting to do good for society, they have options and they know it, money isn’t always important to them so long as they can pursue the lifestyles and goals they set themselves…

Much of this is true so, as employers what can we do about it? After much experimentation and making many mistakes, I think we’ve hit on a winning formula by embracing the limited “shelf life” of our recruits – most of whom come straight from universities because it is so difficult to get good, experienced professionals in the communications industry.


3 replies to “How to be happy and grow a business with low staff retention – Maverick Indonesia

  1. In this small world of hours your policy will probably come full circle, with some graduates becoming your clients.


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