Now even Air Asia’s CEO blogs

Those of you who have been using Unspun’s blog postings to vent your anger at bad service at Air Asia now can have another platform – none other than the blog of Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandez himself.

You got to take your hat out to him. All said an done running an airline like Air Asia is a tough job and I am sure that there are hundreds of complaints eah day, more than the compliments.

So Tony’s got some nerve plunging into the blogosphere. Kudos to him say Unspun. Maybe it would even be a conduit of improvement for the service lapses that Air Asia has.

Welcome Tony.

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Hi guys. Thanks for stopping by. This is where I plan to share my ideas, thoughts and observations on a variety of topics with anyone who cares to listen. There’s just so much to say these days that I thought I would use this space to do it. Cheers!

Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the views and opinions of Tony Fernandes,
and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AirAsia and Tune Groups of Companies.

Boy I have so much to say and I have to say this is liberating. Hopefully everyone who reads this will look at it in the right spirit…positive spirit. Something all of us as Malaysians need a massive dose of.

Boy I have so much to say and I have to say this is liberating. Hopefully everyone who reads this will look at it in the right spirit…positive spirit. Something all of us as Malaysians need a massive dose of.

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40 thoughts on “Now even Air Asia’s CEO blogs

  1. Dear Tony

    I have flown Air Asia for a long time. Flights are cool…but try calling your call center. I have tried for 2 days- I was on hold between my drive from Alor Gajah to Nilai-and I gave up. My problem is this – booked the flight, got no confirmation, checked my status – it says confirmed. Dont want to find out that I have no seat.

    So I have wasted money on phone calls, time…u cut cost..we waste money.

    “Now Everyone Can Phone…but no one Replies..”

    I still love your airline..but contacting you guys on the ground is just deplorable.



  2. i’ve call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i’ve waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i’ve not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center…. just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me


  3. Dear CEO,

    I enjoy flying with AirAsia all the while.. But recently, I am so frustrated with the so-called procedure as I am being transfer from one customer service rep to another but until now, no one can really give me a helping hand. I booked an air ticket to Macau last year September to go on Feb 09 but my gynaecologist had advised me against long distance travelling as I am a high risk patient with the high possiblity to have a premature labour. I have no choice but to request to cancel the air ticket. I had faxed and called at least 6 times, email to guest support and even email to the but until today no one seems to care to reply me.
    Can you help me? I had attached the doctor letter in my email as per requested by the customer service rep. Thank you.


  4. Its nice to get the spin from him! But it still doesnt go to far in fixing up the problems with their service, which is very poor at times. Agreed, there would be a lot of complaints to him!


  5. Dear Tony,
    I’m a frequent Airasia flyer. I’ve notice that, if you buy tickets months before flying, it’s always the cheapest tickets that you could get but…..recently I’m very disappointed with the system that you have implemented. I’ve booked my ticket for my family of 5 to Perth on the 1st June & back on the 5th June 09 on the 19 feb 09. Booking no S4RAS, which cost me $6,527.00 return. I was really disappointed to find out 3 weeks after the booking the Promo price was $90 or $99 and it’s less than half the price I’ve paid. Do you know, if I’ve book 2 weeks later I will only have to pay less than $3,000.00. I’ve felt that I’ve been ripped off. What’s the point of us booking our tickets way ahead and part with our money with Airasia and the travellers who book later get to enjoy cheaper tickets.
    I would appreciate a discount on my overcharged tickets.
    Thank you.



    I have been traveling to and from Malaysia for over thirty years and now reside here with my wife and child. I have businesses in the UK and Malaysia and still clock over 200,000 air miles a year. I have traveled Air Asia on several occasions over the past few years and received the service expected from a budget airline.

    Unfortunately my trip to Laos on the 19th of February 2009 with Air Asia turned out to be one of the most disastrous and humiliating experiences of my life. Being disabled I made sure that I informed the ticket center at least 48 hours prior to my departure that as I am unable to climb stairs that I would require the service of their “Ambulift”. The gentleman at your call center confirmed that a note had been put on my reservation and told me that I should report to the two desks that would handle my request and a wheel chair. When I arrived at the airport with my wife and son, we checked in and went to a desk which was right at the end of the check-in desks and was, I believe numbered sixty something. The Malay guy at the desk confirmed my request for the “Ambulift” and then told me to go to desk 41 for a wheel chair, which I did, also telling them that I had requested the “Ambulift”.

    After going through passport control I was pushed to the gate only then to be told that the Ambulift was not available. This was some 5 minutes before boarding and at no time prior to this was I informed that it was not available. To add insult to injury I was then questioned as to whether I had even requested it.

    To get me on board the aircraft 3 of the ground staff carried me and the wheel chair up the stairs which was not pleasant for me and most strenuous for them but I was on board an we flew to Vientiane only to find that I had an even worse problem there.

    After several attempts it was decided that I was too heavy to carry down the steps in the wheel chair and one of the ground staff then grabbed me and attempted to carry me on his back which resulted in me on the floor of the aircraft after he dropped me. I suffered severe chest pain and it was only when the air crew came to my rescue that I was able to stand back up again and get my breath. To cut a very long story short, there was no way that the staff were able to get me down the stairs and I ended up crawling down to the runway on my hands and knees. To add insult to injury several people boarding another aircraft stopped to film my decent on there video camera’s. With apologies from the aircrew who seemed to be most embarrassed, I was wheeled in to the terminal with my suit covered in dirt and dust and my hand filthy.

    I can honestly say that I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.

    Air Asia had over 48 hours to advise me that A. The Ambulift at K.L. was not available and B. That there were no facilities in Vientiane for disabled passengers.

    I sent a complaint to Air Asia on the 4th of March 2009 and every week since but have yet to receive a reply.


  7. Dear Tony,
    Today is the 5th April 09′. To date I’ve not got any reply from your support group on my letter on this blog dated 23rd march 09′.
    What was told to me by your staff on the phone, latest 1 week you guys will reply me.
    I have really lost interest in parting our money in your company, if this issue is not solved.
    I would appreciate a reply on this matter.
    Thank you.


    1. Dear Datuk,
      congratulations for making a landmark in the History of Malaysia perhaps in the Universe By the Grace of Jesus Christ Our Saviour.Today AIRASIA has made aHISORY in MALAYSIANs MIND n will be a living Legacy from GENERATIONS 2 GENERATIONS.
      I have met u couple of times in PJ HILTON but didnt have the time to speak except Hi… etc. I was working there as a staff in the Restaurant.
      Today fate has taken a twist ,I met an accident where I am.. not able 2work like before moving around in the restaurant .I am a Dept. Trainer in the Food n Beverage where I train staffs n I do have the Knownlege.
      I have tried but people told me it is very very difficult to get a job in airasia.

      Currently I read the star publication dated 25November09 at the Youth Engagement Summit2009 where U gave a open invitation 2seek job by meeting your staffs or Email 2u.I hope Datuk will be kind to consider where I can be of use especially in the training Department so I can impart my years of experience n knowlege.Today
      I have the assets but it is not put into practise.
      I hope this will reach DATUK n looking forward for a favourable answer.Once again
      wish Datuk and all your staffs KEEP FLYING FLYING TILL AIRASIA WILL REPLACE ROCKETS TO THE MOON .May God continue 2shower blesings n grace to face any obstacles that causes hindrances.

      Thank You


  8. Datuk,

    Need help….came in 2 hours ago (31/7/09) on your AK63 from Haikou to LCCT and left behind a baby pillow (small white) on the plane……seat 18C. (one that my niece has beeen keeping for the last 15 years!!!)

    Sir, please help and email me soonest possible…will be off to melbourne on2/8/09 (Sunday)

    Thank you


  9. Pl note amended email address.Looking forward to a ‘miracle’ ‘cos it appears so very slim to have the pillow back


  10. dear sir,

    my name is bilkish, i am damn intrested to be a stewardess, but i have no idea how 2 be. i have a brother name imran ikbal which is one of your cabin crew hope u can help me in my problem. thanks


  11. Dear Datuk
    A few days ago, I booked my flight to KL including
    Insurance policy and sky bus, which are 3rd party vendors as I have an important appointment. The next day, my lawyer said that the date of my appointment was 1 day later and that I had got the wrong date. Immediately, I asked Air Asia to refund me, NOT the airtickets which I know that I cannot be refunded, but the Airport Taxes, and for the insurance policy and the sky bus which are 3rd party vendors and have not yet been paid by Air Asia. I was told that NO, I cannot be refunded except for the Airport Taxes. Today, I received an email which says that nothing is refundable. I asked for the relevant article in the policy but your Customer Service Officer insisted that the “full fare” is not only for Air Asia’s fare but also others meant for 3rd party vendors. This is robbery. Can you confirm whether you will refund me the AIRPORT TAXES or not? If not, I will take it up with CASE and other channels. Air Asia is very greedy and unethical and I should be writing to the Straits Times to warn the readers about your Airline. I have since bought another ticket by other budget carriers. At least, they are not so unethical.


  12. That goes to show that some people in Air Asia are blood suckers and use their poor understanding of English to take advantage of genuine travellers.


  13. Good news everyone, i found a site where you can easily research AirAsia ticket price for the next 15 days to find their economy promo ticket. You just need to input the departure date, origin and destination and press search. The result will show 15 days airfare prices for the route in one single page, including the departure hour and flight number.

    Check it out at:


  14. The customer service at Air Asia is non-existence.

    I wrote to malaysia-support on 4 March, requesting for a written report (Property Irregularity Report) concerning my damaged check in baggage on my recent flight from Hanoi to KL. The officer who replied to my emil seem to have a poor comprehension of english. They keep asking me for the PIR number. If I already have the PIR, why would I need to write to Air Asia.
    The last time I heard from them was on 10 March. I decided to call the air asia customer sevice hotline to register my unhappiness. The staff asked me to write to the same email address(Malaysia-support), attention to a Mr Vicky. But 3 days have passed and I have yet to receive a response from Air Asia.

    I need the written report from Air Asia in order to file my claim with my insurer.

    Can someone help me ? How can I contact the senior management staff at Air Asia and possibly Datuk Tony Fernandes ?


  15. i would require a compensation from airasia to upon today 24th march morning flight AK5144 is being cancelled without informing through calling or SMS me causing me to waste my half a day time waitting in i hope that airasia will bear the responsible and take it seriously and give me a good response upon the matters mentioned.Thank you. anything could call me on 0168058690 Mr Lau.otherwise negative feedback will be sending around.


  16. dear tony, please check my cancel flight status, since 14/12/2008 unti now…. belum ada refund yang saya terima. terlalu lama sudah please check…..


  17. Dear Datuk Tony,

    I know you are a very busy person, what with your schedules,adverts,travels, etc, etc, etc!

    I hope you can read my complain and REALLY understand the situation and at least give me a reply!. I thank you in advance.

    On May 20th, 2010, my family and I (all seven of us!) left for Gold Coast on Flight D7 2702. Checking-in was a breeze as we were early and the counter staffs were pleasant and courteous! We had eight baggages which was all checked in, no probs! Everthing was done expectantly!

    We arrived Coolangatta Airport on May 21st at 8.15am (Aust local time) earlier than expected, at least 25 minutes early! The duration of the flight and journey was pretty good and just that a little snag that the front passengers tend to put their seats a little too low for the behind passengers comfort!

    We transit via Virgin Blues to Sydney on the same morning. We booked an earlier flight to Sydney the same morning prior to our departure but at the last moment was notified by Virgin Blues that due to technical reasons, the flight was cancelled and that we would have to wait for our flight at 2.05pm (local time) to Sydney!.

    The Virgin Blues counter staffs were very accommodating, excellent, pleasant and courteous in handling our requests for an earlier flight to Sydney which was scheduled at 2.05pm. So, we took the earliest Virgin Blue flight 516 at 10.05am. Imagine our delight when our requests were met and that we did not have to wait at the airport for a later flight!

    Flying back from Sydney to Coolangatta airport on May 26th via Virgin Blues was also a breeze…no hassles!

    But coming back from Coolangatta Airport to Kuala Lumpur LCCT on June 2nd, 2010 was something I did not expect!!

    Our flight from Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport was at 8.40am (Aust local time) and we were at the airport at 6.40am. Seeing the long queue, we did the same (queue also!)

    When it came to our turn, there were two counter staffs there, one in uniform and the other without, which means one is a trainee!

    I have travelled much and I basically know how these guys works….

    They as usual, ask for passport, the necessary, etc!. When it came to baggage weighing…they said they have only a few minutes before they close! Told us to put two bags at once for weighing and imagine my disgust when they weigh the two bags, they took one bag off and start weighing the second one again, all along which I have been keeping check/tab on the KG!!!! The two, trotter back and forth, going to 2 computers, checking, etc, blah!!

    I argued on what they have done and not wanting to admit their wrong doing, the one in the uniform, she persistently said that they have to close the gate, final calculations in KGS and the woman in uniform gave me a very VERY cold stare as if saying, pay or else!!!!


    So, to me is this, why cant you put one or two of our MALAYSIAN/ASIAN staff on hand at all AirAsia Destination to assist all ASIANS as WHITES dont give a shit to us ASIANS!!!!!



    1. Carina:

      The bigotry works both ways. Asian service personnel at airports will ignore WHITES and pretend not to be able to speak English when confronted with a problem. So clean up your own act before you accuse WHITES of not giving a shit!


  18. Dear Dato Sri, i’am one of your old friend from musician (Heavy Machine). I would like to meet you up for the project of “AIRPORT CARGO ALHAB” at Pekan, Pahang. Please email to me as the soonest. Thank you.


  19. This is a copy of the message I sent to your web master regarding the new on-line reservations system AND THE RESPONSE I RECEIVED TO MY COMPLAINT:




  20. The officer who replied to my emil seem to have a poor comprehension of english. They keep asking me for the PIR number. If I already have the PIR, why would I need to write to Air Asia.


  21. It is remarkable that after sending 46 e-mails to your customer service address I keep getting back the same canned reply that has nothing to do with my observation of how misaligned your “new” on-line reservations system is. This is no way to run an airline. Your customer service operations must be manned by morons. How on earth do you stay solvent using this business model? Somewhere within your organization there must be an intelligent person. I suppose the real challenge is to find out where he is!~


  22. Dear Sir

    I came to become a big fan of yours after i read about u in the Reader’s Digest.I am truly impressed as in how you brought Air Asia back from the brink.Sir, I am a CPL holder from India and I also read about how you sponsored flying training for some of the bag carriers in your company who are currently flying. pls excuse me if this is not a right platform or even, a right thing to ask but I would be really thankful if u assist me in getting a job in your company. Sir, I am more than willing to self-sponsor the whole training.A line in reply would be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you in anticipation.


  23. Dear mr Fernandez,flew from spore to jogja yesterday,2 jan,QZ713,PNRH24MSY.On arrival my bag was missing.I am a heart patient working in solo.Without medication i could be in serious trouble and even risk a heart attack.The Jogja Airasia says they might fly it in today,so far no contact. I am getting worried. Samsonite,black hardcase,red and green ribbons on handle with words Crabtree & Evelyn. HELP PLEASE


  24. Highly respected CEO Mr. Tony Fernandes,

    Assalamu Alaikum. My name is Maksudul Alam. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I made 2 bookings (S3RW8F & V7M4KZ) the other day. I am having problem with them. No one in Air Asia (neither call centre nor customer care) is helping me at all. I need to modify following items from these bookings.

    (1) I need to save 21 MYR by removing Air Asia Insurance Return from booking no S3RW8F. I did not choose any insurance by myself. It was added automatically. Please remove it.

    (2) I need to save 5 MYR by removing Advance Seat Request (18D, KUL-DAC) from booking no S3RW8F. I did not know it will require money as it was free between HND-KUL. Please remove it.

    (3) I need to save 30 MYR by removing upto 15kg regular baggage from booking no S3RW8F between KUL-DAC.

    (4) I need to save 12 MYR by removing BriyaniRice meal from booking no S3RW8F between DAC-KUL.

    (5) I need to save 1,000 JPY by removing upto 15kg regular baggage from booking no V7M4KZ between HND-KUL.

    Please please please help me. Please feed these amount to the card. Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Maksudul Alam
    Tokyo, Japan


  25. My bad experience with Air Asia was in Jan/05/2011 On my mother flight. She was return from KUL to HDY flight time 12.10, The flight gate was changed between T9 and T6 no annouce clearly in English or they might did it but I am sure that its only one time.

    The thing and point that made me crazy ’cause My mother miss the flight while she still sitting in front of the gate. How come?

    When my mother asked ground counter at the gate they said wait wait wait wait! untill my mother was asking again and they said you already miss the flight if you still want to go by Air-asia you need to pay for extra 100 RM (for what ? is that my mother fault? no annouce no inform no answer!!!)

    That meaned my mom had to spend more time and need to take a bus back to Hatyai. That was My mom unexpectedly plan for one more day-off and spend more money.

    My mother and I were so pissed off of wasting time and one more day spent time to take a bus back.

    The reason that I post this because I was took Air Asia back from KUL to BKK on the same day with my mother faced this problems . I also got the same thing about bad service and not clear annouce. Finally I reach BKK at 3.45 delayed more than 2 hours cause technical problems.

    Air Asia remains my favorite airline in terms of dollars worth but Air Asia should bear in mind and respect their customers with more qualified service standards. That will make you perfect airline. Believe me!!!!

    Now my mother still waiting on the bus back to hatyai ..
    Lesson learnt – My family won’t fly with Air- Asia anymore and I will post and tell this bad exprerience to my friends to let them know how worst is it.


    If any details doesn’t clear comtact me or my mother directly via Email or my number +66835407575 my name is Jarungjit and my mom is Woranuch Wulf +66815980994 thanks

    😦 😦 😦 😦


  26. R/Tony Sir, CEO AirAsia,
    This is first time I travelled AirAsia bcas its low cost but disappointed bcas I ended up unnecessarily paying for just 2 kgs of extra baggage due to ur airline’s fault at Guanzhou who allowed me to travel with 1kg extra saying its allowed and at Malaysia(KL) ur scales showed 2kgs extra and they charged me 40 Ringets which I had to shell out compulsorily, otherwise they (ur ground staff at the checkin counter of KL) threatened me saying I could not check in the bag otherwise. I even opened and showed them the bag, it was totally empty except for 4 light weight toys purchased from GZ for my kid nephew. The behaviour of the ground staff was in very bad taste and I did not enjoy the flight from KL to Mumbai bcas, first of all it was late in takeoff by 3 hous on 24th Jan2011 and ur ground staff who vent their anger on me by giving me the last seat no on flight no D7 2516 i.e 51K. Is this behaviour correct, you decide and I owe an entire refund on the extra baggage charged for no fault of mine. The weighing scales at Guangzhou, China and KL Malaysia shows totally different weights , whom to believe. If at GZ they had said overwight, I could have returned the bag since my husband and mom had come to see me off.
    Kindly help. I read about you in the inhouse flight magazine. The entire idea of travelling lowcost did not excite me bcas of the extra baggage paid.
    Regards, My PNR No G6DSFZ on KL_Mumbai flight and PNR No EDV19B on GZ-KL flight of 24th Jan 2011.


  27. Mr Tony Fernandez,

    I am a frquent flyer and always travel with AirAsia. I travelled from Kuala Lumpur (LCCT) to Macau on the 15.05.2011, 4:45pm departure time AK0056 and my baggage did not arrive in the Macau airport.

    All my personal belongings and most important thing my medication is inb my baggage.

    Thanks to the hard work of Airasia lost and found department, they finally found my baggage misrouted to Hong Kong international airport after 3 days. I have to go to Hong Kong airport to collect my baggage due to all my medication is in the bag.

    I would like to claim for a compensation on this problem that cause by the check in staff of Airasia (KL), it cause me a lot of inconvinience and I have to go through this few days without my medication which cause me some health issues.

    I have already I attached relevant documents to Airasia Insure. I hope I will get my deserve compensation.

    Many thanks

    Simon Chiew


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