The Talented Roy the Boy strikes again

Once again Roy the Boy has shown his encyclopedic knowledge on all things about all things.

Like Sherlock springing into action, the man who was trained in telematics – the science of long distance communications – he has examined the photo of the Bupati of Aceh in bad naked with a woman and pronounced that the woman who has half of her face covered, is not the Bupati’s wife.

How, oh how, Unspun wants to know can a man be so talented as Roy to be able to acquire expertise in photography, photoshop, pornography? What is his secret? How to unspin the learning process of the man who is able to comment on anything about everything?

(via Ndoro Kakung)

clipped from
Roy Suryo: Foto Hot Bupati Aceh Barat Daya Asli!

ACEH – Pakar telematika Indonesia, Roy Suryo meneliti foto mesra Bupati Aceh Barat Daya Akmal Ibrahim dengan seorang wanita yang diakui sebagai istri Akmal yang beredar di masyarakat.
Berdasarkan analisa Roy, Wanita yang tidur dengan sang Bupati itu bukanlah istrinya.
“Foto ini asli bukan rekayasa dan perempuan ini bukan istri Bapak Akmal, Dari Beberapa foto Bapak Akmal dan istrinya yang saya periksa, wanita dalam foto ini berbeda dengan istrinya,” kata Roy suryo Di Banda Aceh, Senin (27/10/2008).
Menurut Roy ditemukannya perbedaan pada ukuran alis, warna kulit, serta kerutan kulit wanita dalam foto dengan wajah istri Akmal. Foto akmal yang sedang berpelukan dengan dengan seorang wanita di atas ranjang itu direkam dengan mengunakan kamera hape sekitar satu tahun lalu.

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  1. “Dari Beberapa foto Bapak Akmal dan istrinya yang saya periksa, wanita dalam foto ini berbeda dengan istrinya,” kata Roy suryo Di Banda Aceh, Senin.

    just curious, do we really need to be an expert in telematics to tell the difference? 😀


  2. oh my ! how roy suryo becoming the ‘expert’ for ‘porn pics ? 🙂 is he ‘happened’ to be in Aceh, or do they flew him there just to have a say on a pic taken a year ago ? …my oh my!


  3. I think it is not his fault at all. The wrong thing is the reporters who asked his opinion or the some curious people who were absolutely believe that Roy was really in to it. For example someone asked ur opinion and u comment deliberately to honor the one asking you, and then ur comment are cited everywhere. Don’t the bloggers also like to comment everything and know everything, do we?


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