Bravo to the unsung lion in Lion Air

It is not for no reason that Roy Suryo, the man with incredibly bad taste in neckwear, vies with Tifatul Sembiring for the title of Most Derided Public Figure Who Take Themselves Too Seriously.


Roy has been consistent though, in the sense that no matter what the obstacles and how untenable the situation he’s in, he remains undaunted in his faith that he can talk through anything.

Here again Roy the Boy shows his mettle. It’s all very suspicious. Roy apparently did not know what time his flight was; Lion Air letting him into an earlier flight without checking his ticket…how can anyone really explain such strangeness.

There is a silver lining in all this though. Someone should give the Lion Air pilot a medal for having the gumption and the guts to show his disgust at government officials and refusing to take off so long as Roy was hogging other people’s seats. Bravo to him.

Roy Suryo Maintains Innocence in Plane Seat Incident
March 28, 2011

Democratic Party legislator Roy Suryo tried to explain his side on Saturday after being escorted off a Lion Air flight bound for Yogyakarta that morning that he had caused to be delayed through a seat mix-up.

“I felt that I was being framed and played,” Roy told a news conference in Jakarta. “No matter. I will accept the blame, although I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Roy said he wanted to give his side of the story after the incident quickly became a hot topic on Twitter.

A Twitter user identified as Ernest said he and a friend had boarded a 6:15 a.m. Lion Air flight to Yogyakarta only to find their seats occupied by the lawmaker and his wife. “When it was checked, it turned out that Roy Suryo’s tickets were for the 7:45 flight, not 6:15, but he refused to leave the plane, dropping the name of Lion Air’s director,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Ernest said he and his friend decided to just leave the plane, but other passengers came to their support. After a 15-minute delay, the pilot, identified only as Capt. Vino, reportedly came out to ask what the problem was.

After receiving an explanation from a flight attendant, Ernest continued, the pilot walked back into the cockpit, grabbed his bag and left the plane, cursing government officials as he went and refusing to take off if Ernest and his friend were not on the plane.

Shortly after, a group of airport officials boarded the plane and asked Roy to disembark.

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